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19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse. Hello friends. Happy Tuesday.

I love to use Mason jars for crafting and making some recipes up in. Do you like upcycing too?

How much fun can using a glass jar be!? Also creating something fun to look at and use.

Food, flowers and candles all look so good inside them too but recycling is also great for cutting down on waste. So what’s not to like?

Today I am sharing some fun ideas to use them for. All you need is a bit of creativity.

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar:

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

1.) Homemade Fruit Drinks:

Firstly, lemonade is perfect drink recipe to make and leave for a few hours. Lemons soaked in water tastes great after a few hours.

Delicious served up ice cold on a warm Summer day because summer days are perfect spent sipping homemade lemonade in the garden.

Or maybe you would like to try some home-made Strawberryade?

2.) Alcoholic Cocktails:

Secondly, why not use them for mixing up alcoholic cocktails, add fruit and ice. Give them a big shake! They are so yummy.

I like to leave mine in the fridge a few hours too, this way all the fruit flavours mingle together.

Love Gin? How about trying out these ideas: How To Make Cranberry Gin or BerryWorld Infused Gins. Maybe you prefer Pimms?

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

3.) Not Just Food And Drink!? How About Seasonal flowers?:

Thirdly, how beautiful do freshly cut flowers look lovely in jars? Spring is here!! Beautiful.

4.) Artificial Flowers:

Fourthly, artificial flowers look nice too and last longer than fresh flowers. Pretty!

5.) Herb Garden:

Fifthly, how about growing a herb garden growing on your windowsill!? I love this idea.

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

6.) Salads:

Sixth, use them for making you lunchtime salads in. Make them up to last you through the day. Layering up your favourite ingredients. Yummy! How about trying this Garden Route Jam Jar Adventure.

7.) Cold Pasta:

Seventh, make up some pasta. Leave to cool. Add mayonnaise and chuck in some chunky cut salad veggies. Perfect.

8.) More Cold Pasta And Salad Mix? How About Meal Prep?:

Eight, mix cold pasta with a tin of chopped tomato to store. Next day put in a pan with some cut up corned beef and seasonings, warm up gently. Serve with cheese.

fruit in jar

9.) Children Cocktails:

Ninth, make some fun children’s cocktails up with fruit and ice cubes added. My kids love these. They tasted so yummy, we ended up having the same ones a few days in a row!! Children Spring Cocktails.

10.) Smoothies:

Tenth and my favourites, serve your favourite fruit Smoothies in them. Yummy.

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

11.) Granola, Fruit And Yogurt Breakfast:

Eleventh, perfect for breakfast recipes inside, granola, fruit and yogurt. Or how about overnight Oatmeal?

I love breakfast (the most important meal of the day)  and one of my favourite things to make is granola and fruit parfaits.

Layering up fruit, cereal and yoghurt, what is not to love? You can find this recipe here: Granola Parfaits With Strawberries And Blueberries.


12.) Fruit Cocktails:

Twelve, cut up your favourite fruit for the day and mix a little lemon juice in to keep them from turning brown. We love making up something like this: Fruit Cocktails.

13.) Fruit Or Nuts:

Thirteenth, store your opened dried fruit or nuts inside to keep nice and fresh. pistachio walnuts peanuts? These Maple Glazed Cocktail Nuts are so much fun.


14.) Sweets:

Fourteenth, sweets are always a good one to pop into a jar once opened. I have to hide mine though or if I see them I need to eat them!


15.) Hot Chocolate And Marshmallows:

Fifteenth, mix your favourite hot chocolate powder and a packet of mini marshmallows inside. When you scoop the hot chocolate into your cups the marshmallows are already added. Yummy.

16.) Cookie Mix:

Sixteenth, mix all your dried ingredients for your favourite Cookies. Then ready to add butter and cook whenever your short on time but fancy warm cookies. Or other ingredients such as flour or sugar.


17.) Jams, Marmalades And Honey:

Seventeenth, your favourite home-made preservatives. I have lots of yummy ideas here: Jam Recipes.

18.) Homemade Pickles And Chutneys:

Eighteenth, tasty! How about a Pineapple Christmas Chutney.

Or some Blackberry And Apple Chutney. This tasty chutney can be prepared well in advance, and is a perfect compliment to gammon, turkey and beef, as well as pork or game pies.

19.) Vegetable Juices:

Last but not least, also a great way to get your 5 a day in. Here are a few ideas: Vegetable Juices.

Can you think of any more ideas?

Do you like my 19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar post?

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse:

19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

If you like this post and for more ideas why not visit my Home And Garden page or my Recipes In Glasses ideas or Check out my Pinterest boards.

*Updated And Refreshed Post: Firsts Published 30th March 2016*

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19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse

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51 comments so far.

51 responses to “19 Ideas To Use Your Mason Jar: Recycle And Reuse”

  1. Margarett Murphy says:

    I like all of these ideas!

  2. Cathy Glynn says:

    Some fabulous ideas and some save so much time preparing food, especially in a morning. Lovely post x

  3. Dean B says:

    I love jars too, but have to constantly remind my husband not to put them in the recycle bin because I like to re-use them too! Love all your ideas, might just borrow a few.

  4. pinkoddy says:

    So many great ideas – I love the different food ideas you've utilised to prepare to help through the day

  5. Mellissa Williams says:

    I love those jars and so many uses for them too. I think the smaller jars are great for cocktails

  6. ana de jesus says:

    So many excellent ideas, liking the sound of the cocktail one- of course !

  7. Stella Olojola says:

    Thanks for sharing these excellent ideas. Now I know the various ways I can use my jars at home.

  8. Emmie, Unsigned says:

    So we've never bought into the mason jar idea, not sure why… but I would love to drink a frothy hot chocolate from one topped with marshmallows and secret drop of baileys! I might see if i can talk Mr Me into getting a few now LOL. Emmie xo

  9. beautyqueenuk says:

    I use mason jars for all kinds of things, from storing seeds, gravy pots and makeup brushes, to sample perfume and paperclips x

  10. Kara Guppy says:

    They look fab, I really need to invest in some of these

  11. Alina Ghost says:

    I'm a massive fan of upcycling items so this post is awesome – I do and would definitely use the jars again for things like flowers, food & smoothies. Never tried out a herb garden though so that's definitely on my to try out list, thanks :)Alina from home & DIY blog UK

  12. Chilling With Lucas says:

    These are great ideas, I love mason jars x

  13. Heather says:

    I love using Mason jars too and have used them for a lot of the same things! I like the wide mouth jars for storage and drinking out of.

  14. Jacqui Berry says:

    I love the salad and over-night oats use. that’s what i think i would use it for. Thanks for sharing the other ways too Claire. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  15. I love using mason jars! So chic!

  16. I like all of these ideas. When I think of mason jars, I always think of my favorite homemade perserves. I’m glad to have other ideas of things to use them for now.

    I found you from the Monday Morning Blog Club.

  17. Mother of 3 says:

    I have a whole pallet of jars I bought for some craft projects and have been looking for some other ideas of what to do with them; these are great suggestions! Pinned.

  18. I love a mason jar, We use one for putting the cutlery in when having friends over for a bbq#kcacols@_karendenbid199@gmail is

  19. Jars are so useful. We made snow globes with them this Christmas #KCACOLS

  20. Popping back #anythinggoes@_karendennis

  21. Laurie says:

    Wonderful ideas. I love your photos. I got some Mason jars with homemade goodies in them for Christmas. I think I will use your idea to begin an herb garden in my kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Claire Rocks says:

    i have been looking for ideas as i have so many clean empty jars. Im determined to reuse them. Youre ideas are great. thank you

  23. Fab ideas Claire – congrats for being featured at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy this week! 🙂

  24. Some great ideas here. My favourite use of a mason jar is for making fermented vegetables, so easy with a mason jar #KCACOLS

  25. I’ve never really thought of serving breakfast or drinks in jars like this, but it looks really nice, so thank you for these ideas! And thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS! x

  26. mireille says:

    Great ideas: all the pretty pictures almost make me yearn for Spring but I still want some cold and maybe some snow. I love using mason jars for flowers.

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