2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham

2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham. Yes, Please!! Hello friends, happy Saturday. So how are you today?

It is nice to have the weekend off work for me as this week has been all go. A week at work, my aunt’s funeral on one day off and my birthday on the other day off.

So lots of mixed emotions this week & jobs to catch up with today.

But then again I do fancy sneaking out for the afternoon, somewhere fun with Murphy the Goldendoodle!!

On Thursday, I went to Nottingham for Cocktails. With my husband and youngest son. Since turning 18, a year ago, my son has found plenty of good bars to try out.

So we let him lead the way for some cocktails.

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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Table Of Contents:

  1. Firstly, 2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham.
  2. Secondly, What I Wore.
  3. Thirdly, Where Were These 2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham?
  4. Fourthly, Little Video
  5. Fifth, Instagram Recommendations.
  6. Sixth, Some Cocktail Recipe Ideas.
2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce

2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham:

A toilet selfie had to be done because, of how amazing is this floor!! Wearing my new dress, my husband treated me to and matching handbag for my birthday.

2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce

A closer look at that floor! Always love a good tiled floor photo.

How pretty is the design on my dress too?

What I Wore: Dress & Handbag: Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s || Light Green Converse: Converse Shop MacArthur Glen Outlet || Apple Watch: Christmas Gift From All My Children || Sweet Bracelet: Slug & Lettuce

2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham


Now onto the cocktails! The blue one was Resting Peach Face with candy floss on top. The ‘Ab Fab’ one was the red one with a candy necklace on top. Both are very sweet and oh so yummy!

2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce

A little sugar-glazed over? As I had 3 cocktails before we arrived here!

Where Were These 2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham?

Nottingham Market Square.

To qualify for the 2-for-1 cocktail offer, both cocktails must be the same cocktail type and ordered at the same time. Check out your local bar for when these offers are on if you would like to try some cocktails too.

date night

Time To Go!

Off we went back on the train and out for a beautiful meal with the rest of the family who could get over. Such a great day.

sugar bracelet

2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, so what do you think? Fancy trying some? Have you ever been before?

I would suggest making a booking at a busy time because I could imagine it being busy at weekends.

Did you see my beautiful flowers over on Instagram? Some of the beautiful flowers I got for my birthday Beautiful Birthday Flowers.

I just adore roses, do you too? Red are beautiful but pink and yellow are pretty amazing too.

I also got a beautiful green dress: Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love polka dots. But I’m loving this cotton green dress so much at the minute.

I got 2 beautiful dresses for my birthday from my husband and am undecided which one to wear for afternoon cocktails later. The other dresses is amazing too so I’m saving this one for another day. Green Dress Reel.

Just love a pretty dress. Do you too? Petty Dresses. Have a look at this reel and tell me which is your favourite one 🙂

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2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham:

Have you tried any of the Slug In Bloom cocktails yet? I know they are next on my list. Alongside with afternoon tea! Do you love a tasty cocktail?

If so, what is your favourite cocktail recipes? Anything in particular? Something sweet or sore? Weak or strong in taste? Thanks so much for stopping by.

2 For 1 Cocktails At Slug & Lettuce, Nottingham
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  1. 27 May 2022 / 22:45

    Happy belated birthday to you, Claire!! How sweet of your husband to find a couple of wonderful new dresses for you to wear!! Charles has not done anything like that in ages; however, for a wedding gift he bought me a bunch of clothes… I had forgotten all about that until now. Oh, funny sidenote: I went out with a bunch of co-workers from our elementary school last Friday for an EOY party. I had a margarita and MAN was it potent! For this basically tee-totaller, I was pretty smashed!! I only drank half (I’m sure all the tequila went to the bottom of the glass where my straw was.) of the thing because I DID have to drive home… I was very careful to really pay attention to where I was, traffic, one pedestrian who crossed without a light in a middle of the street, and get home ASAP. Fun time! Anyway, Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and I was happy to feature your post for this week’s Share Your Style #346 for you. <3

    Love your fun red dress and need to check out the green one,

    • 5 June 2022 / 13:26

      Thank you so much, Barb. Very kind of you to do a double feature, such a lovely surprise.

  2. stylefrontier
    17 May 2022 / 15:01

    the cocktail looks so fun!
    I hope you have a lovely week

  3. 17 May 2022 / 12:57

    Those cocktails look so fun to try! I love your beautiful dress, too! The bold print and colors are so fun!

  4. 17 May 2022 / 08:48

    The dress is gorgeous on you Claire. It looks like you had a fab time. And happy belated birthday wishes xx

  5. Maureen
    10 May 2022 / 20:59

    Happy belated birthday! I love your dress. The colors are absolutely stunning and your matching bag is equally gorgeous. I hope your week is off to a great start and happy Tuesday!


  6. mireille
    10 May 2022 / 16:05

    Happy birthday! I love your dress and yes to that amazing floor pic! Glad you got to celebrate!

  7. Heather
    9 May 2022 / 19:14

    Yes I do fancy some! Those cocktails looked amazing!

    • 10 May 2022 / 21:48

      Thanks Heather. They were so good.

  8. Anna
    9 May 2022 / 07:12

    Such a pretty dress, Claire, love its vibrant colours and prints. I love cocktails, thank you for sharing the recipe