Ice-Cream …

I scream for Ice Cream!!

Well no I do not really, ( the children might;)) but that is the first thing that sprang to mind when I took these photos of my children eating ice cream.

 I thought I would have a little fun today by sharing some editing on these pictures of my two youngest children eating ice cream on a day out.

How fun, something to look back on when they are older. Mum how could you share these pictures!?

Ice creams always look and taste so yummy, especially when someone else is eating it.

My kids make them look so nice!! I am trying to be good too. It is melting quit quickly too.

Watch out it does not go all over that lovely Batman t-shirt son 🙂

Is It Yummy Son!? I think so!! Too nice he is saving a bit for later on his chin.

Is it yummy Daughter? So looks so nice that you have to eat them with your eyes close!?

Aww, how sweet? Do you want some mum? So kind of you son 🙂

Too nice to share, me thinks!? Hehe, would you share this if it was your’s, mum? Now these a thought. 

The fun bit about going out for the day is the treats you can have, isn’t it?

I scream for Ice Cream!!

Do you children like ice cream?

Do they like to share with you or have it all to themselves?

I use to love it when I was little and the ice cream man came around every night. The children from all around would rush up and buy a nice whipped ice cream from him. Our ice cream man was called Tony Bell. 

A whipped ice cream with raspberry sauce and coved in chopped nuts, how yummy? You don’t see the ice cream van come around the strets very often now days do you?


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