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Saturday, 2 April 2011

I Want To Be On The Cover Of A Magazine......

Saturday morning run done with friends, now time to blog.

I have a fun post to share with you today:

If someone asked me this question, this would be my answer:

Question : 

If you (or your family) were to be on the cover of a magazine, which one would it be and why?


Runner's world!!

I Want To Be On The Cover Of A Magazine!

Me, my husband and my 2 oldest boys are all runner's. We love to run! We spend around an hour running most days. Sometimes even more.

So for me, if I was to be on the cover it would be some kind of running magazine for running!! Something cool that we all have an interest in. I would really love to run fast, then maybe I would be on a magazine cover, hehe!!

Me running The Mansfield Half Marathon 2010. Such a great day, but very warm. I finished the race with a migraine, could not see properly and my legs turned to jelly, but I did it. Just finished before I fell to the floor.

My little two just started running. They love running. How sweet!

My 14-year-old likes to runs. He runs a lot of cross country races.

My 16-year-old runs too. He loves cross country too.

As mention above my husband loves to run too. So you could say we are a family of runners!!

But then again if ...

VOGUE asked me to be on the front cover of their magazine. Who would I be to turn them down? Hehe..

Maybe an interview on my Six Items Or Less clothing challenge!? Maybe not.

Don't they say...

We all should have 15 minutes of fame?  Make mine a good one!!

If you were to be featured in a magazine, which magazine would you pick? That is if you had the choice?

Have a great weekend.



  1. Love this post. Gorgeous photos, as well!! I have also started the #blogboost challenge. I have had a rather laissez faire approach to my blog so far. I am hoping this will make me take it more seriously :) Am so looking forward to following you on your challenge.

    What magazine? Writer's World talking about my latest best-selling book (one can dream) or perhaps Poetry Magazine? - saying very little but coming across very mysterious and intriguing :-)

  2. I love your pictures and your answers. I'd rather work behind the scenes than have my face on the cover, but if I had too, I'd like to share the cover with my kids and husband -- maybe a family or kids magazine. I love my work, but my family is the most important.

    Good luck in the Blog Challenge!

  3. Thank you Robinintheuk,Thank you Megan,
    Thanks for the lovely comment's and the great replies :)


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