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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Not Long Left : Six Items Or Less Challenge...

I am nearly at the end of another month doing The Six Items Or Less Challenge. I've wore six items of clothes for nearly 30 days now. I am really looking forward to wearing whatever I like again...Yeah!!  I am also feeling sad that the challenge is over too.

Not Long Left : Six Items Or Less Challenge.

My six items of clothing for the challenge were:

A long sleeved black and cream polka dot shirt and a red short sleeved shirt. A knee length black satin ruffle top dress and a long black and coloured hem maxi dress a red and white polka dot dress and a really warm grey cardigan.

It has been a good month and I have learnt lots of new things.

Just a few more days left to complete another six items or less cycle.

I have really enjoyed the challenge and also got creative and made over 30 outfits from my 6 items of clothing.

I worn lots of different outfits:

Red is my favourite colour. This red top is so cheerful.

Loved this boots and dress look! This dress feels so comfortable to ear, thankfully.

Great for a cold day! This cardigan is so snug and warm.

Loved this look! Polka dot top under a dress looks so cool to.

Also my polka dot top over the dress, same but different.

Red. Did I say it was my favourite colours? You can never have to much red, can you?

My favourite dress by a mile!!

Double polka dotting!! Not to sure about this look?

Layering! To many colours?

Pops of pink! Cute colour pink here.

Cute! Love this little pop of red.

Fun and quirky.

More layering!!

I liked this look. Smile!! Ha. 

One of my favourite looks!!

Office look!!

Serious look!!

Nearly a smile!!

Breathing in look!?

Folding up the maxi look! What a great idea for a different look?

Scruffy hair look. Sweet!

Fun!! Chunky heels.

Extra layers for a cold, cold day.

Cold day!

Lots of looks here with 6 items, don't you think?



  1. I admire that you could do it for a month! What a great idea for travelling to be able to pare down a working wardrobe like this. You look fabulous!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  2. Amazing! You are extremely creative; I don't think I could have done this!
    Love the photos collections and that you wore a lot of red which is one of my favorite colors!
    Happy Easter Sunday and have a great week,

  3. This is amazing! I would have a hard time working out so many combinations, this is so creative!

  4. ClaireJustine, that is an AWESOME layout and display. How did you do that? I need your tools and resources!

    And you know, I am feeling a little sad to be near the end, too. It dawned on me that I only have one more guest moderator post to write.

    Although I am hoping people will come back with post-six outfits and if I do, I will write another brief post.


  5. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :)
    Jeanine,i have a photo editing kit called picasa,it does lots of good things,i will look for your last post,thought that was my last post but if we are doing one after,that would be cool :)

  6. Wow. I cannot believe you wore only 6 items for a month. That is incredible. I have heard of the 30 x 30 remix and I thought that would be difficult. You are such a creative person to do this and make it work!! Nice job. I may have to use these ideas for packing on trips!

  7. Hi, I'm new to your blog. I know this is totally unrelated, but I have to tell you that I love that you include running on a fashion blog. Love, love! If you ever run the NYC Marathon, please tell me, I will be out there to cheer you on. I'm out there every November at 4th Avenue and 9th Street in Brooklyn cheering for all the runners! Email me, let's chat about running. jillburgess815@gmail.com

  8. Holy guacamole - I hate to wear the same thing twice in a month! You are amazing! I lasted six days in the 30for30 challenge.

    Sarah xxx

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments,Jill i can't wait to do NYC Marathon ,need to save lots of money first so i can go SHOPPING lol,love to chat about running anytime :)

  10. Wow I wish I could get away with only 6 items!! every morning I can never decide what to wear. well done you.

    Dianne x

  11. Great challenge but I think I'd get pretty sick of wearing the same things for 30 days!

  12. You have me thinking... what would my 6 items be??? I don't know if I could do it! AH!

  13. WOW, i am impressed! and here i thought i was all tough for completing the 30x30! great job!!!


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