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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Week 2 + 3 Fit to Fiitter...

Hello, how is your training going this week? 

What have you been up to, exercise wise?

Lots of running here, but not much else.

A bad week for training here, feeling so sorry for myself. Yeap, I was ill 3 weeks that knocked me off my feet then came back with 6 days of running :
  • 35 mile of running week.
  • 2 one mile swims.
  • 1 Pilate class.
  • 1 gym session.
So after that I was really run down this week.

No training Monday, Tuesday only half of club efforts, nothing Wednesday, Club efforts Thursday , no run Friday, 6 miles run Saturday, 5 miles Sunday.

Was panicking trying to get fit for Wednesday start of the summer club races ( my first race of the year), which all the clubs in the area race every month throughout the summer but as I'm not at my fittest I just have to try and get better month after month....

Sometimes I find that having a plan to work to is better so here is next weeks training:
  • Monday  6 miles run...
  • Tuesday 4 mile strides at running club....
  • Wednesday 1 mile swim....6 miles race....
  • Thursday 1 miles swim... 5 miles recovery race....
  • Friday 1 mile swim day off from running......
  • Saturday 7 miles run.....
  • Sunday 10 miles run....
  • Total 38 miles running,3 miles swim.....

What motivates you to get out and run?

I could do with someone passing me some motivation to help get me back out running again and enjoying running again.

I do love to hear music though, that motivates me. I must go and pop some of my favourite tunes on!!

Also running quotes always inspire me, do you have any to share?

Lets hope next week that I am feeling more inspired to run and get to the gym. I can wish..

Here's to a new week.



  1. Glad you came back strong as ever! :0


  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your runs this week!

  3. Thanks Jeannine and Missy,have a great week :)


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