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Step by Step Guide To Build A Bear…

Take 2 excited children….

See whats new in…

Pick the bear you came in for….

price up your options….

Pick 2 you like….
 (then go back for them 2)
two weeks later!…

 Put your

 foot on the pedal to fill it…

Kiss your heart,turn around 3 times and make a wish…

Fill out your details for the birth certificate….

                              Choose your clothes and then pay….

                Take home and add to your extended family….


2 responses to “Step by Step Guide To Build A Bear…”

  1. Mammy Dolittle says:

    Lovely pic. My daughter spent a small fortune in build a bear last week-its was her birthday money. Lovely pic. Going to check out photo blog now 🙂

  2. Le Chateau des fleurs says:

    My Daughter loves Built a bear so much!She saves her money for it!Cute picture.Loving your blog and following you!Follow back please!Have a super Monday!

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