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3 in 30…# I Just Ran Every Day For A Month :)

Can you believe it! 

I am so proud of myself!

I just ran everyday for a month!!

Last few day of my 3 in 30 challenge.

Run at least a mile a day:

Exercise dvds:

Going out last few days so did not get chance to do any.

Lose some weight:

Not at seaside chips donuts McDonald’s breakfast.

Run at least a mile a day 30 days challenge review:

Friday/Saturday had a few days at the coast but after at least 7 miles walking a day I did still manage to drag myself around a mile run to complete my month of running which I’ve wanted to complete for a long long time.Very pleased about how this challenge has ended my running is back on track also ran around 156 miles this month my highest mileage month ever so very happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

Exercise dvds

Did 9 parts of exercise dvds not to good as this month I was aiming for 16 but so hard to fit in with all this running…

Lose some weight:

After week two I had lost 2 pound but with all this running and eating more I have ended up the same as I started 🙁

Now I’m going to think of my new challenges to start tomorrow…..

Starting with a rest day…..


2 responses to “3 in 30…# I Just Ran Every Day For A Month :)”

  1. The Alexander Residence says:

    Huge round of applause! Wow that's brilliant! I am getting my running shoes out tomorrow, June and July went downhill, because I was Ill so many times. August is the one.

  2. Clairejustine says:

    Thank you,i was going to try to last month as you mention juneathon but i was injured so it was on my mind to do it this month,i hope you have a great month 🙂

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