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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My First Ever Video Review : SodaStream....

Over the weekend...

 I decided to do my first ever video blog review. To my surprise it took me over 10 hours and 200 takes to make. I decided to edit it bit by bit because my words would just not come out right.

Have you ever tried to film yourself?

Do your world come out as they should?

Or do you get mumbled up too?

I got up at 5a.m this morning to complete it. Still not to happy with it but it is my first and I hope to get better. That is if I ever make one again!? I hate seeing myself Arrrgg ..Lol!!

My Husband decided to do one take and show me how it's done (compared to my 10 hours 200 takes later)

I think he's just showing off!!!

What do you think????

For my Sodastream review click the link and enjoy reading what I think!!


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