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What I wore Wednesday…

Last week over at the Pleated Poppy Lindsey set a challenge for us …

Asda dress not worn for over a year….

Here is the fun challenge:

Are you up for another challenge? i was thinking… how about pull out some items from your closet that you never wear. you should like them, of course, but you just haven’t figured out how to wear it. or wear something thats old and wear it in a new way. push yourself to try new things!

 I love challenges so this is some of the things I have worn this week….

Peacocks dress not worn for over a year….

qs dress not worn for 3 months….

New Look skirt never worn….

I have plenty of things I don’t wear enough ans really should wear more often ….

How about you?


6 responses to “What I wore Wednesday…”

  1. Ai Sakura says:

    Those are very pretty dresses! U shld wear them more often :)Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Clairejustine says:

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Hi Clairejustine, You certainly have some lovely outfits! They fit you nicely! I can see you wore them with confidence! Have a good day. Judy from Jamaica

  4. Candice says:

    Love the polka dot skirt! I linked up too :)

  5. Clairejustine says:

    Thanks for the comments 🙂

  6. Meredith says:

    for sure! i get rid of stuff so often because i can't stand to have things hanging around for too long that i never wear! ;)YOURS, MINE AND OURS

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