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Weekend Blog Hop..

Hello weekend!!

Hello bloggers!!

Welcome to the weekend blog hop.

 Link up and new blogs and new followers.

Some kind requests:

  1.  Please follow your host, me clairejustineoxox and Nekky from Reflexions. Please follow us by GFC or any social media of your choice.
  2. Link up your blog posts. Not a link to your homepage.
  3. Visit at least 2 on the blog hop.
  4. Follow the ones you like.
  5. If you are a new blogger to the hop please leave a comment if you follow us so we can follow you back.
  6. Wishing everyone a Happy New year…

This list has now finished.


12 responses to “Weekend Blog Hop..”

  1. Hobby Chef says:

    Hey Claire..I had linked my blog to your event… and followed u n the co host.. as per rules…Please visit my space and lemme know if you like it… :)

  2. Kinsey says:

    Hi,, stopping by to wish you a happy new year from the hop (I'm already a follower).

  3. Clairejustine says:

    @Hobby Chef Hi,thank you for joining us 🙂 will pop over now 🙂

  4. Clairejustine says:

    @Kinsey Thank you,Happy New Year 🙂

  5. Dana P says:

    I was a follower of your co-host before the blog hop but how I have the opportunity to follow you too. Thanks for hosting!I look forward to reading more from you.Stop by my blog if you have a chance. Thanks! :)

  6. Martha says:

    Thanks for the invitation and for hosting! Have a great weekend!

  7. Melinda Cummings says:

    New follower :)Have a great

  8. Kathryn says:

    new google follower, would love a follow back!

  9. Clairejustine says:

    @Dana P Thank you for following,going to follow back 🙂

  10. Clairejustine says:

    @Martha Thanks for joining us 🙂

  11. Clairejustine says:

    @Melinda Cummings Thanks for following,following back on GFC and Google+

  12. Clairejustine says:

    @Kathryn Thanks for following,following back 🙂

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