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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday, 29 April 2011

Pick Six Saturday...

This week's Pick Six Saturday is from Matalan...

 Loving their ever changing stock and every time I take a peek on their website I find something else to love....


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding....

As a tribute to the big Royal wedding here's some photos I took last time we visited London....


The ABC'S Of Me....

I found this fun little question and answers over on Southern Girl Running blog and decided to borrow the idea. Hoe fun!!

Age: 37, 38 (VERY SOON)

Bed Size: King size. I like lots of room.

Chore: You Dislike: Housework!! Especially Ironing for 6 people!

Dogs: Love dogs, they are so sweet but haven't got time for any at the minute :(

Essential Start to the Day: A nice glass of water then a cup of tea.

Favourite Colour: It has to be red!! Red lipstick, red nails, red shoes, red dress. Not all at the same time though!!

Gold or Silver: I love Silver.

Height: 5'6 now. I was 5'8 years ago but having 4 kids knocked me down 2 inches.

Instruments: I can not play a thing.

Job Title: Stay at home mum...One day I would love to be a shopaholic but until money grows on trees, I will just be a mum :)

Kids: I have so many, ha!! 4 kids 16,14,8, and 5.
Lives: Nottinghamshire, England.

Mum's Name: Margret but she likes to be called Ruth.

Nicknames: Not got one at the minute. Not one what I get called to my face anyway :) I may have one I do not know about!?

Overnight Hospital Stays: 4 kids 4 stay in hospital and tonsil out when I was 11 ish...

Pet Peeves: I could go on all day...Nothing to bad though that I can not handle though.

Quote from a Movie: "No I've never liked them" "Nobody laughs so loud when you've got a grand in your back pocket" "I've already seen you hoovering and let it go" The Full Monty!! Love, love, love this movie!

Righty or Lefty: Lefty...

Siblings: None I am an only child.

Time you wake up: Week days 7 am for sandwich box making for 4 kids and husband and 7.30 am weekend for 8 o'clock run. No lay in's here :(

University: Nope! I didn't go to a University.

Vegetables you don't like: Broad beans yuck!

What makes you run late:
2 youngest kids for school we can be up 2 hours but rush up to school...

X-Rays You've Had: A few on my teeth,through eating to many sweets when i was younger...

Yummy Food You Make:
Pasta ,curry, pizza and cakes..

Zoo Animal Favourite: Monkeys, I could watch them play all day. They are so funny!! 

What would your answers be?


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day After Six....

Today is the first day after my Six Items Or Less clothing challenge and I get to wear whatever I want to.

After spending ages and ages looking at what to wear (like a kid in a sweet shop) I decided to wear my green Topshop dress/jumper cream leggings and Primark wedges.

Checking the camera is working!!

The Gallery: Week 56:Green...

Joining in with The Gallery blog hop this week and the theme is:


I decided to use some pictures that I took in Matlock a few days ago of the bright green water these ducks live on.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

innocent Fruit Juice...

We have just been asked to try the new innocent range of fruit juices.

How nice! Yummy!!

    As we are a family of runner's we are all big fans of innocent smoothies as a way of getting our extra vitamin's in quick. I jumped at the chance of letting my family trying the new innocent fruit juices. It is a brand we already but so I knew my children would love them.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Not Long Left : Six Items Or Less Challenge...

I am nearly at the end of another month doing The Six Items Or Less Challenge. I've wore six items of clothes for nearly 30 days now. I am really looking forward to wearing whatever I like again...Yeah!!  I am also feeling sad that the challenge is over too.

Not Long Left : Six Items Or Less Challenge.

My six items of clothing for the challenge were:

A long sleeved black and cream polka dot shirt and a red short sleeved shirt. A knee length black satin ruffle top dress and a long black and coloured hem maxi dress a red and white polka dot dress and a really warm grey cardigan.

It has been a good month and I have learnt lots of new things.

Just a few more days left to complete another six items or less cycle.

I have really enjoyed the challenge and also got creative and made over 30 outfits from my 6 items of clothing.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Guardian Q&A...

I was tagged by Lara Brown at my Ramblings to answer The Guardians questions and answers!!

Here blog is called Larathebob if you would like to stop by?

Thank you Lara :)

 Here goes:


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Week 55 of The Gallery:My blog....

It is Wednesday. Time to share a photo or two!

This Week the theme over at Tara's Sticky Fingers blog 'The Gallery Blog Hop' is is My Blog

Week 55 of The Gallery:My Blog.

How fun!? My blog let me think eh!? A place to share everything and everything, maybe?

I love my little blog and my corner of the world. It is where I get to share all the things I love and my family life!

Crafts, fashion, food exercise and all kinds of travel. You name it I can share it.

My blog is a place and will be a place to share fun days out, let off steam and do daft things that I can look back on with grand kids and laugh a lot at. My blog is new at the minute so my journey is new and exciting so far. So much to learn though but I guess that is all the fun.

Here is my blog journey so far. All wrapped up into one fun photo collage:

My blog is all about Family, Fashion, Fun, Cakes, Shoes And Running. What better things to talk about and blog about!?

Anything else I forgot about!? Yeap, lots of travel and parenting tips I learn along the way.

So far I have shared our running stories, trips to London, my fashion challenges and talked about cake and shoes.

Do you want to follow along on our journey? Hope so.

Let me know if you do and what kind of things you would like me to post here.

What is your blog about and what kind of post do you publish. Are you new to the blogging world like me or have you been blogging a while?

Do not forget to stop by next week to see what photo I will be sharing then.


Monday, 18 April 2011


After a long, cold, dark, rainy and dull Winter I am happy to be sharing these beautiful Spring flowers. Yeah, Spring is almost here and Summertime is on its way. No more dark nights and cold Winter evenings for a while.

I love Spring and all the beautiful colours that come with it. I love every year about this time. Don't you too?

I am now on Spring watch duty! #Springwatch

Spotting signs of Spring is so much fun. A crocus here, a cherry blossom tree there. Oh look a lady bird has just flown by me. How pretty!? It makes me feel cheerful and happy when I spot pretty flowers growing too.

I am loving these flower colours! Every single one of them. Pink, red, yellow, orange, purple and lilac

Are you loving all these bright and cheerful colours of Spring too?

What is your favourite Spring flower called? What flowers do you like to spot first? 


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Look Bro I've lost My Tooth Like You...


Thanks for stopping by today.

Some photos are just too fun not too share. Don't you think?

Like a day out in London, a trip to the zoo or a trip to the park when you have just lost your first tooth:

How exciting is it when you lose your first tooth? So much so you want to show the world!!

Especially exciting too loose your teeth, when you have heard about the tooth fairy that comes to visit you when your asleep, takes your old teeth and leaves you some money. All my children love the thoughts of getting some money to spend on goodies.

My youngest two are both at a time in their lives when their teeth are falling out left right and centre.

My kids love it when there teeth fall out and the tooth fairy pays a visit!! How cool that if you pop an old tooth on your window and some one pay you to take it.

I wish someone would do this to my old shoes and clothes!?

Look Bro I've lost My Tooth Like You

Now for placing it somewhere light tonight so the tooth fairy can see it. I am now wondering how much the tooth fairy will leaves these days!?

Have you children lost any teeth lately? Or are they too old or too young yet?

Does the tooth fairy come and take your children's old teeth?

Where do you pop your old teeth so the tooth fairy can see them?

How much does your tooth fairy leave?

I know there will come a time when you don't want the tooth fairy to pay a visit anymore. No I do not want to loss any of my teeth for no amount of money!! Hehe..

Good times and precious memories. One to show them when they are older.


Silent Sunday : Watching you Watching Me..

Happy Silent or not so silent Sunday!! Time to share a photo from my week. Now which one shall I share? Ha, I know, I have a fun one for today.

Silent Sunday : Watching you Watching Me..

Today I am sharing this fun shot from earlier this week. I have a new camera, yeah!! and I am just figuring out how to use it! How cool is it!?

I was taking some outfit snaps for my six items or less clothing challenge. Have you been following along with my challenge?

If not here is a small recap; I am wearing just a handful of clothes for one month as part of a clothing experiment. 

Can we manage on less items? 

Do we really need loads of clothes?

 Is quality better than quantity? 

Do we get bored of wearing the same items day after day or can we still have fun with a few and create lots of different looks?

I made sure I picked out lots of pops of red to keep me focused and happy!! Red is my favourite colour as it always cheers me up. If I am feeling down I like to wear red clothes or pop some red lipstick on or red nail varnish to cheer me up. 

Anyway, this is me having fun with my new camera, wearing my challenge clothes. Watching me, watching you? How fun!?

Could you take part in this clothing challenge?

What is your favourite colour?

What things cheer you up?

This week I will be joining in with everyone over at Silent Sunday, will you be too? 

What is your top photo from this week that makes you smile or happy?

It's Silent Sunday, shh!!

 Now I have to think of next weeks photo to share. Do not forget to stop by and see my Silent Sunday photo next week. Why not follow along so you never miss a post?


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pick Six Saturday...

Week 2 on the Six Items Or Less clothing challenge and I'm so missing my jeans and something flowery to wear. Six items of clothing to wear for just one month is hard work!!

I should have chose my six a little more wisely!! No room for getting bored when you can only wear a few things, I just have to keep focused and be more creative.

What was I thinking of not putting jeans and a flowery dress in my 6 items of clothing?

I am sure this challenge is made to make you chose your clothes that you buy and wear with more thoughts to them!!

This made me decide to do A "Pick Six Saturday"wishlist style post!!

Starting today and every week.

How cool!!

A post where I pick 6 clothes from the high street websites and  mix and match them to make 12 outfits. Can I make 12 outfits? Wait and see.

As it is Spring, day's with a chill in the air I've picked a knitted cream dress and then for the warmer day's some sun dresses.

I am loving the red skinny jeans. How about you? Love red jeans too?

How cool are these outfits mixed together!?


Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Hate Racing ...

All day yesterday I had butterflies in my stomach. Trying to balance meals properly for my first race of the year.

Around 5.89 miles long and even though I knew maybe I wasn't on top form but thought maybe I would have beaten last years time ..but didn't. Around 23  seconds slower than  last years time when I was hoping to be a few minutes quicker.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Week 54 of The Gallery:Tomorrow.

It is Wednesday, that means one thing!! Time to join in with Tar overat Sticky Fingers for The Gallery Themed Blog Hop.

This week over at The Gallery blog hop the theme is Tomorrow: I always get excited at the thoughts tomorrow. A new day, a new adventure. A new start a new dream. A new though of being fitter and healthier. A new chance to shine and sparkle.

My Tomorrow Will Be Something Like This....

I will sleep well and most probably be dreaming of these:


Also I most probably we be dreaming these too...


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Week 2 + 3 Fit to Fiitter...

Hello, how is your training going this week? 

What have you been up to, exercise wise?

Lots of running here, but not much else.

A bad week for training here, feeling so sorry for myself. Yeap, I was ill 3 weeks that knocked me off my feet then came back with 6 days of running :
  • 35 mile of running week.
  • 2 one mile swims.
  • 1 Pilate class.
  • 1 gym session.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 1-12 Of The Six Items Or Less Challenge....

If you have read my blog before you may know how much I love the Six Items Or Less Clothing Challenge? Such a fun fashion experiment on how often we wear our clothes and how long do they really last?

Have you heard of this challenge before, or have you joined in the Six Items Or Less Challenge before?

If you have never heard of this before I will tell you a bit about the challenge:

We picked 6 items of clothes and only wore them, every day for 30 days.

You can only wear only these items. Even if the weather is cold, windy, raining or the sun is out.

Here is what I have been wearing. Mix and matching to the MAX!!

My Top 20 Countdown To My Favourite Internet Sites....

My Top 20 Countdown To My Favourite Internet Sites:

5. Amazon.:

Great website that sell almost everything you need. At Christmas you want things on list from the children and they always sell out in the shops. Amazon usually have it in and it saves time going out for hours trying to find 1 item. You can buy lots of things here and not have to carry them home, pulling your arms out!!


Thursday, 7 April 2011


Hello.. I have some good news to share with you today: I am so pleased to announce that I have got some Blogging Awards. Yes little old me have been given some awards!!

Not 1 award either..

I got two, yep 2!! :)

Thank you so much to:

 Molly at Mcatherine 7 and  Matchless vision for the awards and lovely comments about me and my blog. You have both made my day. I have a big smile upon my face.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 53 of The Gallery: Mother Love...

This week the theme over on The Gallery blog hop is Mother Love. What does Mothers love mean to you?

One thing I love is being a mother to my 4 great kids. Something you never get bored of being. So much fun being a Mum!! The laughter, the tear and the years of watching them grow up into adults.

I wish time would go by more slowly as the grow to quickly and then before you know it they are leaving school and home for the next journey of their life.

Mother's love means to me:

  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Loving
  • Hurting
  • Crying
  • Laughter
  • Being their for someone
  • Holding
  • Helping
  • Hugging
  • Being strong
  • forgiving
  • and much much more all rolled into one.

"A mother is someone who dreams great dreams for you, but then she lets you chase the dreams you have for yourself and loves you just the same." 

Author Unknown

For a mother is :

Saturday, 2 April 2011

I Want To Be On The Cover Of A Magazine......

Saturday morning run done with friends, now time to blog.

I have a fun post to share with you today:

If someone asked me this question, this would be my answer:

Question : 

If you (or your family) were to be on the cover of a magazine, which one would it be and why?


Runner's world!!

I Want To Be On The Cover Of A Magazine!

Me, my husband and my 2 oldest boys are all runner's. We love to run! We spend around an hour running most days. Sometimes even more.

So for me, if I was to be on the cover it would be some kind of running magazine for running!! Something cool that we all have an interest in. I would really love to run fast, then maybe I would be on a magazine cover, hehe!!
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