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Thursday, 30 June 2011

30 Days Wardrobe Challenge....

Today is the last day of 30 Days Wardrobe Challenge with Dressing My Truth.

 The challenge was you can pick 15 items of dresses/shirts to wear for 30 days! Here is what clothes I picked:


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

30 Days Wardrobe Challenge....

Well not long left of the 30 days wardrobe challenge I'm doing over at Dressing My Truth blog...


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Rowntrees New Sweets Review.....

We have just been asked by Rowntrees to try out some new sweets and see what we think of Sour Faces,Very Berry Jellies and Jelly Aliens.You can imagine the excitement on my kids face's when they came through the door and saw all the goodies ....smiling from ear to ear (and that was just me).They sent me a lovely parcel of sweets all wrapped up in green tissue paper.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Diet And Fitness Mondays...

Been a hard and emotional week this week for exercise and diet starting :

Monday I had the sad day of saying goodbye to my grandma at her funeral. 

Tuesday a lovely day of meeting up with 2 of my cousins after 25 years...

Me and my cousins
Wednesday Making and eating lots of cakes for my daughters birthday. 

Thursday eating cakes on my daughters birthday.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sunshine Award...

I want to Thank my wonderful blogger friend  Ofelia at  My Intended Life who gave me the Sunshine Award.She is so lovely and always finds time to visit me and leave such lovely comments.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ultralift Challenge...

Today I am starting the ultralift challenge apparently 71% of consumer's don't believe in anti-ageing claims so Garnier and Davina McCall launching the Garnier Ultralift Challenge and you can try it for free.


Just go to there website ultraliftchallenge fill in your details and wait for your free 14 day's trial to arrive...

All they ask is for you to measure your crow's feet on day one use the cream for 14 days and then measure again to compare the results.After the trial they hope you visit the website and provide feedback and report the results. So I'm starting today and please pop back in 14 days to see what I thought of it ....


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

B Record Plus Review...

I have just been ask to try and review a new energy drink called B Record Plus and as a runner who is always tired and also eats to much sweet thing I jumped at the chance.Here below is my online diary of what I thought.

Day one:

My first thought on seeing this product was can this 10ml bottle really work? being a bit of a cake addict I had half a brownie before breakfast then remembering to take this drink.The taste was a lovely and sweet in which reminded me of caramel/vanilla taste.After taking this I had a bit of a cotton taste in my mouth, but what surprised me most was I didn't feel hungry and at 12 o clock I made myself to have some breakfast....

Day Two/ Three/Four:

Sorted out the cotton taste by sipping a bit of water straight away after and it's fine now.Still a feeling of fullness which is great because the only reason I eat lots of sweet things is because I'm always hungry .I found myself having to make myself eat some biscuits with a cup of tea and not really enjoying them.Even text my mum to say I've found her a great new product to try.Side effects is it caused me constipation.

Day Five/Six/Seven:

Had to stop taking it as it cause me a laxative effect and not sure if it was having it every day or not suitable for me...

Day eight:

Started it again but going to take it every few days,until finished as I can feel the side effects coming back

Even though this product has not suited me completely I think it's a great product and would/have recommend it to others. 

This is what I found out:
  • I wasn't as tired when using it.
  • I felt full when using it leading me not picking on sweet things all the time.
  • No hunger pains.
All in all this is a great product and I would have brought it and use it to help me lose a bit of weight and keep my energy levels up but as it don't suit me I wont be ....

But I would recommend it to anyone as a great product and tell them to try it for at least a month to see how they go...

B Record Plus is a liquid food supplement that’s been developed by international pharmaceutical company sigma-tau to provide sustained intellectual and physical energy for run down people.

It has been developed using established data; has a sustained effect (unlike other temporary boost energy drinks), has no caffeine and is made from naturally occurring substances including:
  • Vitamin B12
  • Four amino acids - L-Glutamine, L-Serine, L-Theorine and L-Arginine
  • L-Carnitine
B Record Plus reaches its full potential within 2-3 days and it’s recommended that you take it for ten days, though you can take it for as long as you like.

It’s recommended for people who need an extra energy boost and is ideal for:
  • Busy mums 
  • Mothers recovering from having a baby 
  • People moving house 
  • People sitting exams 
  • People recovering from an injury 
  • Business people working under intense pressure 
It’s also suitable for people over 12 years of age.

It can be bought from their website at brecordplus with ten days of the supplement being sold for £12.99 - still cheaper then having a Red Bull or a latte a day!

How B Record Plus works:

B Record Plus aids your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that occur in our cells needed to maintain life.

Metabolic processes are important for the release and storage of energy and for the reproduction and repair of cells.

The rate of recovery and the ability of a body to repair itself is related to the speed and efficiency of the body’s metabolic processes. For metabolic processes to be at the best, a body needs the right amount of micronutrients.

B Record Plus is a specific balance of micronutrients developed using more than 60 years of knowledge of how the body works and what affects it.

Metabolic processes can be slowed down by not having enough micronutrients by the following factors:
  • Reduced intake of nutrients due to poor diet.
  • Ageing – which reduces the efficiency of your metabolism and the absorbtion of micronutrients.
  • Disease – which results in oxidative stress caused by the body’s response to disease conditions
  • Increased demand due to periods of high energy need, i.e. exercise, convalescence and periods of stress 
As a result our bodies during these periods crave more micronutrients than they can get through a normal balanced diet. B Record Plus helps to top them up.

Here’s how each ingredient in each bottle of B Record Plus helps to give you sustainable energy.

Amount in each bottle
Optimises metabolic activity to increase energy supply.
Plays a fundamental role transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be used to make energy.
L-Arginine HCL
Participates in the synthesis of creatine, an important energy substrate for muscle contraction.
Plays an important role in energy production and protein metabolism. Essential for cellular metabolism in central nervous system.
Especially important to proper functioning of the brain and central nervous system by serving at substrates for the formation of neurotransmitters L-Serine is an amino acid required for fat metabolism , neuronal membrane function and cell to cell communication.
Essential amino acid especially important to proper functioning of the brain and central nervous system. Precursor for neurotransmitter glycine
Hydroxicobalmin (vit B12)
Favours fats, carbohydrates and amino-acid metabolism . It supports blood formation. Protects nerves.

B Record Plus comes in packs of ten bottles that you take one a day. You just twist off the cap, shake it and drink it.

The best time to use it is before breakfast on an empty stomach and the minimum time to take it is about ten days, though it will start working after two or three days. There’s nothing to stop you continuing to take it.

B Record Plus, which is currently on sale across Europe and the US, was launched on June 8th in the UK with Nell McAndrew, who was also the first person here to try it.

I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review and was not paid for this post...


Monday, 20 June 2011

Diet and Fitness Monday

A hard week getting back into running after I hurt my top of my leg/hip after running on undulated ground last week, but slowly getting back into the swing of things....


Step by Step Guide To Build A Bear...

Take 2 excited children....


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Innocent Juicy Orange Games....

Innocent are launching some great new juicy orange games on their website Innocent.

There are chances to win some great prizes including the winner of each leader board over the next few weeks will win ultimate breakfast hamper (which includes a months supply of orange juice,limited edition orange juice glasses,an exclusive t-shirt and the innocent cook book )

All which I would love to get my hands on!!

Also ten runners up winning a selection of prizes too.The first game being Orange harvest then they are adding two more games over the next few weeks.Innocent have gave me the code you can play here too,enjoy :).


Friday, 17 June 2011

On The Cover Of An Online Magazine...

For 1 month only I'm on the cover of Ryding2Health on-line magazine. How cool!?

This months edition has an exclusive pro interview with Shelley Rudman GB Olympic silver medallist in skeleton Bobsleigh.Two great competitions a cycle holiday in France and s set of bespoke cycle cufflinks.

Some amazing reader stories,how to make healthy lunches and much more and they are always on the look out for writer and readers who want to be on the next cover.....

Would love you to pop over have a read and maybe pop back and let me know what you think of my readers questions Ryding2Health  Thank you....

Have a great weekend.....


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

30 Days Wardrobe Challenge....

15 Days into Dressing My Truth 30 days Wardrobe challenge in which you pick 15 items of dresses or skirts to last 30 days and no trouser/jean/legging and here is a few of the clothes I've been wearing....

The Gallery:Dads

Today on The Gallery the post is Dads...

This is a rare photo of my husband with all our kids together on on photo and without anyone pulling a face! Oh wait a minute my oldest son is pulling a face this will teach him to smile in future.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Diet and Fitness Mondays.,

Hi everyone it's been a mad weekend can you believe I used all of my photo space on uploading loads of the same photos and not shrinking them to size! 

Nearly there deleting and shrinking older post it seams like forever and I have still used 58% so still a long way to go...Anyway I've teamed up with mumentum this week properly as I only found it last Sunday and  was trying my own linky at the time,its a great way of getting all us mums who want to get rid of our mum tums together....

So if you want to visit New Num Online where I first found mumentums or you can join in at the bottom of my page as the linky is shared between all the people who join in. On Twitter check out the hastag: #mumentum...

Going through old photos reminds me of my first post.This was me when i first found running 7 years ago.I soon got pregnant and had another year off.

Since then I have tried and tried to lose the weight but I am such a cake and chocolate fan.I do exercise so I can  eat whatever I want to.Now need to lose some weight as carrying the extra weight when running is hard work and I need to lose around a stone or so to make my running easier...

I've just been asked to review the new B Record Plus energy drink so please pop back in 10 day's for my review....

This week has been painful I went over on my foot a week ago and  think Sundays long run didn't help as I couldn't run as much this week as would have liked to.I though it was hip pain but now I think it's just a knot in my top of my leg that just need stretching out so hopefully everything will be OK soon.

Thankful for my foam roller this week. This weeks exercise was:

  • Resting my leg pain..

  • 1 Mile treadmill run..

  • 1 hour Pilate's class.
  • 1 mile run.

  • Half mile swim.
  • 30 Min's weight.
  • 3.62 miles club reps

  • 3.36 run.

  • 8 miles.

  • 0.5 miles didn't warm up and leg hurt so had a day off felt great today...

Here is the linky for #mumentum:


Friday, 10 June 2011

Blog Hop Friday #3...

Can you believe it , I have already used up all my photo space on my blog. It looks like now I will be spending hours deleting and shrinking photo's so for the next few days or there will not be any pictures on my blog.


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

#Juneathon Late Starter Day#1 I Hate Treadmills....

I so hate and do and admire anyone who can stay on a treadmill....



Only Just heard about this from Alexander Residence so I copied the rules from Juneathon so I would remember and get it right for me to share


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Diet and Fitness Mondays ......

Had a few day's off from running last week and was so hard getting back into running again this week.

Not hoping to have this much time off (4 days) as it has knocked me back again. This week was hard to getting out training when the kids are off school, nice day at the gym on Monday.


Silent Sunday...

I know this is silent Sunday and I always am, but...

Today is a very sad day as my grandma has just past away. I am dedicate this post to her and hope she is now back with my granddad.....


Saturday, 4 June 2011

30 Day Wardrobe Challenge...

Today I'm starting the 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge which I found on my friend's Dress My Truth blog.

The 30-day wardrobe challenge, you choose no more than 15 items (dresses & skirts but no pants) & wear only them for 30 days. cardigans,jackets, blazers and shirts do not count & can be add-ons when creating your outfits. Choose dresses that honor your Dressing your truth type.

This is what Jeanine Say's about her challenge:

"My goal with 15 is so you can wear each dress or skirt at least twice. If you have fewer, you get to wear them more times, which is fine. The reason for the challenge, in general, is to figure out what works and what doesn't with your dresses and skirts. But also, to see where your dresses and skirts fit into your wardrobe by wearing them more than usual."
I love clothes challenges as they get me out my jeans and wearing my clothes that never get worn...

Here is my 15...

  • 7 skirts.
  • 8 dresses.
Why not pop over and join us there is still time?
Also just a quick question is anyone else having a problem with blogger? keeps jumping to the bottom of my page every time I get on.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

What I'm Wearing...

Dress Primark
What I 've been wearing this week is my new dress which I got for my birthday...


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Gallery:I'm Grateful For....

This week at The Gallery the theme is : I'm Grateful For....

This weeks theme made me a little sad in thinking of thing's I have lost in my life but also very happy and grateful for what I do have..
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