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Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 1…….

Had a good  first week getting fit with the Davina Range at next but a bad week for feeling ill and having to push through it …

Tried a few from the list

This week exercise-

1 hour Zumba class
3 miles run

5 Miles run

Woke up with a bad throat so day off

Half Hour Zumba Dvd

3 miles run

Box fit class for 1 hour 30 minutes

7 miles warm up rep session at running club and cool down, felt a cold coming on again! 🙁

Day off with the weather turning cold and coughs and colds around I’ve felt really under the weather today.Head spinning and shaking,nose blocked. I just hope I’m ok for Zumba tomorrow…

Here is a close up of what I picked…

Trainers £45-00
Top £25-00
Joggers £25-00

 I will do an outfit post for next week,

I  just feel to ill this week but the good news is it hopefully not mans flu!!

Just got to cut down on the cakes being ill makes me eat more.

 I’ve tried Boxfit new last week and Zumba this week. What have you all been up-to,Tried anything new ?


12 responses to “Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 1…….”

  1. Mari's World says:

    Sorry to hear you've been poorly, I have had both twins down with a bug and then came down myself so fitness has been scarse. However at least I lost a few pounds with the tummy bug!

  2. LauraJ says:

    Claire! hope you're feeling a bit better – I'm just so impressed that you have done so much while feeling under the weather! Glad you got your trainers in the end. X

  3. Claire Justine says:

    Oh sounds bad Mari 🙁 Thanks Laura :)Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. clairelouise82 says:

    Sounds like its going great, I found it hard last week as got sick mid way through but on the med now. Oh btw, love the stripped top, i considered that one myself.x

  5. Claire Justine says:

    Hi Claire thanks for the comment,bad today but hopefully picking up from now on,get some more fitness in:)

  6. Kyria @ Travel Spot says:

    Sorry you are feeling ill! It is that time of year! I hope you feel better soon! Love that top!

  7. Ophelia says:

    love the shoes and clothes! nothing like new work out gear to motivate!

  8. KEFFitness87 says:

    Feel better soon 🙂 Those trainers are so cute!! Perfect for group exercise and Zumba!!

  9. Claire Justine says:

    Thanks everyone for the comment,feeling a bit better 🙂

  10. jillconyers says:

    Just came to tell you I hope you're feeling better and saw your comment. I've never tried Zumba but have heard so much about it. People love it! Boxfit sounds more like what I would enjoy.

  11. Claire Justine says:

    Hi Jill thanks getting their 🙂

  12. Jennifer says:

    sorry you've been sick, but you had a great workout week.

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