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My Instagram Week In Photo’s Easter holidays and Birthdays…

Can you believe the weather as soon as the schools break up for Easter it rains and rains and it was only a few weeks ago I thought Summer was here.My 2 youngest children have been loving getting out on their bike in between the snow and down pours…

My son has never been one for going out on his bike but because his sister learnt to ride her bike he has been enjoying going out on his too.

Getting ready for party time….

My son turned 9 on Wednesday so lots more excitement in our house after all the Easter eggs on Sunday….

My sons 9th birthday….

This cake was so yummy….

I would like this one for my Birthday….

Balloons are so much fun!!

First race of the year I talked myself in and out of this all week but in the end I did it.

I gave it my all and after I had a big piece of birthday cake….


5 responses to “My Instagram Week In Photo’s Easter holidays and Birthdays…”

  1. Herding Cats says:

    Great pictures. Well done on the race and Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. Sparkle and Co says:

    Happy birthday to your son!!! I have a galaxy S and I find that pictures on the s2 are excellent!

  3. Mamuka Kavtelishvili says:

    Happy birthday to your son, really beautiful pictures, Instagram application changed the way to use photoshop :))

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