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Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Bumper Creative Mondays Blog Hop...

All week and weekend we have been rushing around getting ready for Christmas.

Have you too?

This week I'm sharing some pictures from today when we went to Nottingham to visit Santa.

This week we would like you to link up as many Christmas recipes/crafts/style etc as you would like as its the last full week before Christmas to share what you have been making.

As usual link up anything that has got you creative this week.

I will be featuring all my favourite Christmas post next week....




  1. Very beautiful pictures! I can see that you all had a wonderful time in Nottingham! It brightens my day to see all the Christmas scenes. I am happy to be co-hosting again. Continue to enjoy the holiday season.

  2. Thanks for the party Claire. Enjoy your holiday season with your family :)

  3. What great pictures - looks like a fun day in Nottingham. I haven't visited the city for years, but have fond memories of my university days there.

  4. Beautiful Christmas decorations! Thank you for sharing the pictures. The Santa looks a little scary, but the snowman looks great!

    1. Ha yes he does :) thanks for stopping by and linking up ...

  5. Mine's not such a festive post today but a useful one. A pasta bake which you will almost certainly have all the ingredients in for (to avoid having to brave the shops over the Christmas period) and it's super cheap with some hidden veg!

    1. Whoo sounds yummy,thanks for linking up :)

  6. Thanks for a fun party!
    I love all the creative ideas around here....

    hugs x

  7. Beautiful photos photos !!!yes santa does look scary !wow someones gone to a lot off trouble to decorate .Look brill!!!


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