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These Shoes Are Made For Walking…

Lots of walking again today as its still the children’s holiday here. I noticed lots of children go back this week but mine still have this week off as they were late breaking up for their holiday.

My soon to be 10 year old son fancies a nice all you can eat restaurant as one of his treats the day before his birthday, so over the next few days all we will be doing is eating lots of tasty food and eating lots of yummy cakes πŸ™‚


Next week I may well need a bigger dress size!!12 days to go before my marathon, eek panic is starting to set in!!

If shoes grow on trees, I’m ordering a nice new red pair….


22 responses to “These Shoes Are Made For Walking…”

  1. mail4rosey says:

    My daughter has, and loves, those very shoes. πŸ™‚

  2. Vix says:

    What a lovely Spring look! x

  3. Christa Cox says:

    love it! Especially love the shoes with this outfit!

  4. Kari Spriggs says:

    Marathon as in marathon marathon or half marathon or…? Girl you can do it. Trust me and don't let the panic set in. My last couple days before my triathlon I was freaking out and it certainly did not help a thing. Its wasted energy. You trained, your ready. Loving the outfit! I'm obsessed with tunic type shirts, plaids and blue jeans so of course I love it.:)

    • Claire Justine says:

      Yes I'm doing London Marathon in just over a weeks time, thanks for this I'm just going to try and chill now πŸ™‚

  5. amy mayen says:

    I love your top- & I love that you rock the red sneakers! Lately you've been making me want to go buy a pair!

  6. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Lovely shoes Claire and your outfit is so beautiful!

  7. Ofelia says:

    Claire, a marathon? and children parties? You must eat a lot more because you are going to need a lot of energy and you are going to burn a lot of calories!

  8. Winnie says:

    I have similar shoes and I just love them, only mine are pale-pinkI like you outfit, I think you really look cute

  9. Ann Wood says:

    Love the top and the sparkles!Blue Hue Wonderland

  10. Rachel says:

    That is a super fun dress, and I love sneakers like that! I have a few pairs–they're comfy for walking, that's for sure, and they aren't ugly, either!

  11. Style-Delights says:

    Love this dress! Such a fun spring piece! BTW, dropping in via Pleated Poppy link up! Love your blog – new follower:-)Stay in touch!Have a wonderful day!-JyotiΒ PS. I am hosting an amazing giveaway on my blog, hope you would participate!Β Enter $40 giftcard giveaway by Lorraine Tyne

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