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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Making The Most Of The Summer? : Share Your Style Saturdays Blog Hop...


Top ~Kiss collection ( local shop)
Shorts~ Primark
Shoes ~ Crocs
Sunglasses- Primark
Arr I'm really not feeling very well today :(

All night I've had a really bad migraine and really feel like I've got food poisoning symptoms.

Ive sleep all night and kept trying to get up but felt to ill to, just coming around. So glad I didn't have any wine last night or I would have thought it was that. My husband has booked me a half marathon for in 6 weeks time and I had planed to get a long run in today too :(

3 days without running and I feel so bad, had some good news this morning that has shocked me all the runners in the house!! even my 2 oldest boys who run fast. My resting heart rate this morning even when poorly was 40!! This means if I try harder I can improve with my running, and my heart rate is the best in the house :)

Yeah sometimes its the little things that cheer us up. Now off to drink more water, I may have dehydrated myself as I'm not to much of a fan of water!!
Today I'm sharing an outfit from a few weeks back that I found on the computer,( eek just lounge wear today for me)




  1. Love that top!
    Debbie :)

  2. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow. My running isn't going too well - damn school holidays! I've got an 11 or 12 mile run planned for tomorrow, but it's a week since I last ran :( Only four weeks to the half marathon for me!

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon, I wouldn't wish a migraine on anyone. Take care of yourself so you can train for the run!!

  4. I am sorry you were not feeling well over the weekend. I hope you are hale and hearty now. All the very best with your running! Lovely outfit! Take care.


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