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Elf Style; Not Grinch Style

Elf Style; Not Grinch Style:


Elf Style; Not Grinch Style

Elf Style; Not Grinch Style:

hello friends. I am really getting into the Christmas spirit by watching lots and lots of Christmas movies over the last week or so.

Yesterdays outfit was inspired by Buddy from the Elf  Movie!!

After telling my children who all looked at me strangely whose style I was inspired by, my oldest son chirps up; oh sorry I thought you were “The Grinch“!!

Elf Style; Not Grinch Style


Loving lots of family time and rediscovering retro games!

My husband put me Sonic 2 on this tablet yesterday.

Aww brings back good memories of when we used to play it years ago!

Had to stop playing after level 4 as I was feeling so bad for Sonic, who I kept drowning!!

I have a new hairdresser in the house!

Mini-me has a new obsession; doing mums hair!

Everywhere I go she follows me around with a hairbrush and bobbles….

Back onto the movies and so far we have watched a new Home Alone, Elf and The Grinch.

Are you watching any Christmas movies?

Which one is your favourite?

Or what is your favourite Christmas song?

My favourite film is-

Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Scrooge.

On that note, I will leave you with a taster…

Saving this one for Christmas Eve…

Elf Style; Not Grinch Style

Elf Style; Not Grinch Style…


14 responses to “Elf Style; Not Grinch Style”

  1. Judy Haughton-James says:

    You are looking great in the Elf Style Claire! I am glad you are having a wonderful time with your family. I have been hearing a wide variety of carols on the radio and I have some CDs too. I love hearing the traditional and modern ones too. Thanks for sharing the muppet carol! Very funnny!

  2. chantilly says:

    i love the colors of your tights & dress, and how they go together!! xxoChantilly

  3. amy mayen says:

    I love your outfit- but thanks to your son for the deep laugh!!! Merry Christmas:)

  4. Debbie Stinedurf says:

    Looove that this was inspired by Buddy! Cute!

  5. Helen says:

    looking very lovely there Claire

  6. Kezzie says:

    "It's in the singing of a street corner choir, It's going home and getting warm by the fire. You know as long as you find love, it feels like Christmas!" Love the puppets carol. My husband transcribed it and sang it with his choir! I love Home alone, Miracle on 34th street, white Christmas, Santa Claus the movie!

  7. Kezzie says:

    Muppets not puppets!

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