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How To Wear Posh Wellies : Over 40 Style…

With a heart patterned dress, a chunky warm cosy cape and some bright yellow tights…

I wore this outfit in the school holidays on a trip to Meadowhall for a meal out at Frankie and Benny’s. 

Initially we planned a nice day out shopping and looking for Christmas Ideas, but unfortunately our Gas boiler has broken and it put a bit of a damper on the day and a cap on spending any money. 

This outfit cheered me up though, loving my new posh wellies and they went together great with my bright yellow tights.

The morning before our day out, a man can to give us a quote on how much it would be to fix our boiler. 

He said he couldn’t mend it and we need a new boiler putting in. 

Asking how much it would cost to fit one he said ‘I will pop down later with a quote’. 

Nearly a week later still no quote…

Makes me wonder~Do people ever keep their word? Who can you trust? Do people care when you have a family to keep warm and clean? Do people want work?

They have forecast -4 degrees weather this week, hopefully not or I will be walking around the house in these boots to keep warm. 

Fingers crossed we find someone decent this week, who can help..

What I Wore~

Dress ~ Primark
Cape ~ Primark
Handbag ~ Primark
Posh Wellies ~ C/o Lotus Shoes


11 responses to “How To Wear Posh Wellies : Over 40 Style…”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Those are indeed Nice Wellies! Ahrgh, re the boiler. That's really gutting. And yes, you can wait a long time fit something@;!!! X

  2. Alexandra B. says:

    Those really are posh! Love them 🙂 Hope you can find someone to handle the boiler business, it's no fun to be without heating in fall/winter.Alex – Funky Jungle

  3. Tamar SB says:

    Love the yellow stockings! Good luck with the boiler!!

  4. Please may I? says:

    Fabulous outfit and I love the tights! Its a nightmare when they don't repair isn't it? I do wonder how they ever get any paying customers.Hope it gets fixed soon for you.X x

  5. Coombe Mill says:

    Love the outfit, really well put together. I like the Posh Boots with the Yellow tights! Hope the boiler issue gets fixed soon, tradesmen can be difficult to catch at times. Popping in from Creative Mondays.

  6. Laura Side Street says:

    Oh wow how amazing are those wellies and super stylish for autumn and winter. I really love the pop of colour from the tights and it works so well with the cape – great outfitThanks for joining in Street Style Sunday and hope you can join again this weekLaura

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