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A New Hairstyle…

When it come to hairstyles I have had most styles going. From very short and blonde, one side long and one side short, too the long and brown styles. Without spending £100’s of pound on someone to tell you which looks the best style, how else do you get to know? I asked my husband! he replied ” whatever you like” I asked my kids they all answered “anything other than your grey coming through mum!!” good old kids eh!?!

Here is a flash back over the last 6 years of my Facebook profile pictures ( good old facebook eh!?! I would have forgot about some of these pictures and binned them if I had remembered!!”).

Now I really fancy a change. Above photo is how it looks now. But which style to go for next? Long or short? Colour brown or blonde? Fringe or not? I am loving Sienna Millers new hairstyle but then again it always does look great…


8 responses to “A New Hairstyle…”

  1. Julie's Lifestyle says:

    Hi Claire, I love all of your hair styles but I love the way it looks long! I would love to have gorgeous hair like yours! You will look great no matter what hair style you choose!

  2. Kezzie says:

    Wow, haven't you had a variety!!!! I confess that I am one boring chick when it comes to hair!! It is either long or a bob. No fringe. X

  3. Andrea InMamasWardrobe says:

    You look amazing Claire & have had some great styles & colours! I want some layers cut into mine as I'm so bored of it atm! I can't wait to see what you go for! Ax

  4. Tamar SB says:

    Look all these great pictures! I bet anything will look smashing!

  5. Winnie says:

    Wowwww so many styles :)Well, I've had a very(!) long hair most of life, so I kinda like long hair…..

  6. Margarett Murphy says:

    Go with the long ..but all look great !!!

  7. Jogger Pete says:

    The perm you had in the early 90s is strangely missing. ? I vote for that ��

  8. Tiffany Maytum says:

    That what is so fun – as women we can change our looks with a new hair style! Have fun with it!! I love all the looks above!!!

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