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Love : The B&W Photography Project…

 This was the week the snow came to visit…

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14 responses to “Love : The B&W Photography Project…”

  1. Ellie A says:

    Great pic, you look very deep in thought. It was great to have a bit of snow wasn't it 🙂 #bwphotoproject

  2. Stephanie Robinson says:

    Love this shot with the lacinessof the trees in the background #bwphotoproject

  3. pixiedusk says:

    Lovely effect! Like its really snowing heavily! #BWPhotoProject

  4. Victoria Welton says:

    A great photo 🙂 It offsets the snow perfectly x

  5. Charly Dove says:

    Oh wow this is ace, what a brilliant effect. How wonderful to have the snow too. We're keen to get some here so Poppy can build her first snowman! Thanks for sharing and linking up #bwphotoproject

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      Thanks Charley. Aww I hope you get some snow for Poppy to build her snowman, my children loved every minute it was here..

  6. Coombe Mill says:

    Great effect and lovely far away expression

  7. Sara Murray says:

    Love the effect on this, works perfectly with this shot x #bwphotoproject

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