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Places I Love In Nottinghamshire : Newstead Abby …

One of my favourite places that I love to visit in Nottinghamshire is Newstead Abbey. Beautiful walks, nature and a perfect photo opportunity.


30 responses to “Places I Love In Nottinghamshire : Newstead Abby …”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Oh Claire, what a beautiful place.x

  2. carol l mckenna says:

    Nottingham looks wonderful and great shots ~ love the duck!Happy Week to you,artmusedog and carol

  3. Photo Cache says:

    Beautiful photos.

  4. Jeannie Marie says:

    Now I want to visit even more. It's just so beautiful!

  5. Felicia says:

    wow what a lovely place.

  6. Tamar SB says:

    What a gorgeous place to visit.

  7. Spare Parts and Pics says:

    Beautiful photography!

  8. eileeninmd says:

    What a pretty place to explore. I love the view of the Abbey, waterfalls and ivy. The swan and duck are beautiful. Lovely photos, enjoy your week!

  9. Rhonda Albom says:

    Beautiful spot. I love the old ruins in England, and the waterfall here is pretty cool.

  10. Patrick weseman says:

    Those are beautiful pics. Wow. I really want to go there.

  11. Mascha says:

    What a great place!That is my dream: to have a window under a waterfall…

  12. Gemma Wiseman says:

    The fall of water is magical and love the feathered characters too.

  13. Lea says:

    Love the water, but the last photo is my favorite!

  14. Winnie says:

    Beautiful place and gorgeous photos 🙂

  15. Margarett Murphy says:

    Beautiful pictures.

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