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Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

A few weeks ago I got to review some Gel Indicate Trainers from Asics as part of the Pound The Road campaign.

I love to run and having a new kit always gives me some extra motivation. I was so pleased how comfy the trainers are. I am happily back into regular running now and each run feels just that bit easier.

Last week I got some very exciting news from The Running Bug , who organised the reviews, that I have been chosen to be one of the Asics Ambassadors for the August #PoundTheRoad campaign too.

How exciting!!

This means I get to try out some more fabulous trainers that are exclusive to Intersports.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

I try to exercise every day, whether it is running or going to the gym or even taking the dog out. All my footwear gets plenty of use. Last week I received a lovely parcel from Asics, some cool shorts new cushion socks and some Gel Glorify trainers.

This week I have been trying to get my run done early so as not to feel too guilty. It used to be the kids making me feel guilty now it is the dog!! Mollie is always awake, no matter what time I get up, she is wanting a walk!! If I try to do my usual run with her she trips me up. So a run for me first, then a walk second. It is not too much to ask?! If only my eldest two sons could get up before 10 am and help. Oh to be a student!!

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

About the Gel Glorify:

These Gel Glorify by Asics are exclusive to Intersport.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

What Asics say about the Ge Glorify:

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

What I think of the Gel Glorify trainers:

Again for me worth going a size bigger than other brands. This gives me a lovely toe room, a snug fit and a good heel-toe transition.

I am no expert on all the technical jargon of what makes a good trainer. What I can say is these are designed to give you excellent cushioned support for longer runs. I would not wear them for sprints or a short race.

They are perfect for a slow run or even a long distance race. If I get accepted in the ballot for next years London Marathon. I would definitely run in these. Because I am slow at the moment, even a 5-6 mile run takes a long long time.

If a shoe is designed for shorter distances, with the time I spend on my feet I would struggle with knee pain and sore feet. Not so with these beauties, they feel soft and comfy even after a couple of hours.

In my opinion, trainers are the most essential item of running kit. If you skimp on footwear, you will struggle to become the runner you want to be. With the Gel Glorify, your goals just got that bit easier.

Thoroughly recommended.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport.

About this post :

I have been sent these Asics trainers, shorts and socks for review and to be a part of the #PoundTheRoad campaign.

I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.

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6 responses to “Gel Glorify Asics Exclusive At Intersport”

  1. Colette B says:

    What a shame you can't get her to run alongside you – all the more exercise for you I guess. Glad you're enjoying your new kit! Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  2. Margarett Murphy says:

    These look great! Do you run with your dog?

  3. Nicki Cawood says:

    I think I might try the Harold Bishop-like speed walking before running but these look fab.

  4. Kate Fever says:

    I do love the look of these – gel trainers always sound perfect for running! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. Jayne SMABL says:

    Oh love the colours, they sound really comfy. I would probably use these for keep fit and brisk walking, I'm not hardcore enough to run! haha.Great review 🙂 #triedtested

  6. Argan Oil Home says:

    so great colour i like it so much asics my best brand nameArganOil

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