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Recycled Jars,Homemade Jam and Jar Covers…

Do you like to make your own jam, marmalades or chutneys?

Do you want to make some homemade jam and design some homemade jar covers?

How about using some recycled jars?

Recycled Jars, Homemade Jam and Jar Covers:

You will need:

  1. Some old jam jars washed out and put in an oven on 100c to dry out properly.
  2. An idea of what jam you want to make. Do you have lots of strawberries, blackberries, sweet potatoes or some oranges for marmalade? (Some recipe ideas below to help you decide.)
  3. The material for the covers, scissors, ties, ribbon for making the jar covers.

I love to up-cycle old jars. 

I am always thinking of fun ideas to put into them. Food, plants, pens, bits and bobs. So many different things to use upcycled jars for. 

Fancy trying some homemade Sweet Potato Ginger Jam? How cool, different and tasty. 

A tasty Blackberry Jam always goes down a treat. Perfect for popping onto your morning toast, fresh cut bread or adding on top of your favourite pudding.

Or a yummy Strawberry jam? Strawberry jam is my favourite flavour to pop on my morning toast.

I have also got a nice Classic Orange Marmalade recipe if you fancy trying this?

orange marmalade is my next favourite for my morning toast.

How about you?

What do you like on your morning toast?

Onto my favourite part of making your jams and preservatives… Dressing up your jam jars after it has been made, cooled and sealed.

Decorate with material, string, ribbons or lace. Make them look original and unique. You can even design them to match your kitchen.

Do you like to recycle old jars?

Make your own jam? 

Or dress up your jam jars? 

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What do you think of these Recycled Jars, Homemade Jam and Jar Covers ideas?

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  1. Suza says:

    Fantastic… I like the pictures… and it smells beautiful I think.Best regaardssusa

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