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Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Boys Are Back In Town..

Hi Ya! Happy weekend.

How is your weekend going so far? It is still raining here!! Grr. Typical Great British weather.

Only a few more days until the longest day of the year and so I'm hoping Summer will arrive soon!?

let's hope so before it starts heading to Autumn.

Today I am sharing an outfit I wore on holiday a few weeks ago. It is a lot easier getting photos when your away. Maybe it is because I have everyone are with me, who I ask to take my pictures!

Photographer on tap! Just hold my phone, someone, please!? Whoo whilst you're there can you just take my photo?

This is my other new dress I got just before my holiday. I really like this one as it reminds me of one I had a few year off the sale rail but never fit me.

I still keep it though as I hope to get init one day! Do you keep things that are too small; hoping to fit in it one day!? I have so many things, I really need to clear some things out.

Such a pretty dress, I am really pleased with it.

What I wore~
  • Dress: Next
  • Tights: Primark
  • Shoes: Peacocks 

How about mustard tights? love or hate?

As you may have guessed, I love them.

The Boys Are Back In Town

In other news, my two eldest Sons have come home from University today. YEAH!!

The boys are home for Summer.

The house is full of all kinds of stuff!! How much can 3 boys buy and use for one year away!? Ha!!

You may not see me in a while.

 I will be lost under all the washing ;)

All good fun though.

Do you have any children home from college or Uni this Summer?

Thanks for stopping by. Do not forget to stop by on Monday for The Creative Mondays blog hop.



  1. Love the print on that cute dress! It looks amazing on you! Enjoy your time with your boys!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Great dress!
    Hope you get sunshine, soon!

  3. What is it about boys bringing washing back from UNi!!!??!
    Glad you have them back! You are looking really pretty- that dress is glorious!

  4. I can relate! My daughter came home from college too and brought all of her stuff home with her! The house is full again!! I love that dress on you! I hope the rain stops so you can enjoy some proper summer weather!


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