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Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew

Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew.

Do you like eating jacket potatoes?

We love them here. Served up with all kinds of topping. Grated cheese and tuna mayo sweetcorn mix. Cheese and beans. Chilli and cheese. Corn beef, cheese and beans. You name it as long as cheese is involved, we love it.

How about making some sweet potatoes baked today?

We love baked potatoes with lots of topping on especially in Winter when the potatoes are at their best.

Today I am sharing a baked sweet potato and borlotti bean stew.

4 Servings – Cooking time: 30 minutes

Sweet potatoes are incredibly rich in antioxidant vitamins beta carotene and Vitamin E, both of which are required to keep the immune system functioning and to keep skin in good condition. When topped with the rich, thick bean stew all thoughts of your Cleanse will vanish!

Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew

 Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew Recipe:


Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew
Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew
Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew


  1. Preheat oven to 200c / 400F. Prick the potatoes all over. Rub with oil and place on a baking tray.
  2. Cook sweet potatoes until soft all the way when pierced with a knife. Meanwhile prepare the stew.
  3. Heat the oil in a pan and sweat the garlic and mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer for about 5-10 minutes to allow the vegetables to soften and the sauce to thicken.
  4. Open up the baked sweet potato and add stew.
Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew

Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew. Recipe courtesy of Chris Jame Mind Body. No payment was received.

What do you think?

I will be making this recipe with a little-grated cheese added to mine.

Fancy trying this recipe out?

Let me know if you get to make it.

What is your favourite jacket potato topping? Do you have to have cheese on yours too like me?

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18 responses to “Baked Sweet Potato And Borlotti Bean Stew”

  1. Isabella Wong says:

    ooh sweet potatoes, especially sweet potato fries! I actually haven't had a baked one before so may try this recipe – perfect and hearty for this cold weather! x

  2. Dean B says:

    That looks yum! I don't really know much sweet potato recipes, so this is definitely for keeps! 🙂

  3. yvonne says:

    Nothing like a baked sweet potato on a cold day. I need to try it with this stew, it looks delicious !x

  4. Talya says:

    I do love a baked sweet potato and love this super healthy version with the borlotti beans – yum!

  5. Kitty & B says:

    Yum! Right up my street! We often have something similar with a tomato based spicy sauce and some cottage cheese! Delicious and your recipe is perfect for this time of year! x

  6. Anosa Malanga says:

    This looks really delicious, I love sweet potatoes big time I grew up eating them as they are a staple in my country. But I have never had them with borlotti beans before.

  7. Ickle Pickle says:

    I loved baked potatoes but have never successfully baked a sweet potato! I am never sure of the temp and how long. This looks delicious 🙂 Kaz x

  8. Stella Olojola says:

    Deliciously looking meal. I like baked potatoes a lot.

  9. Margarett Murphy says:

    Love sweet potatoe jackets in cold weather.

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