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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

What I Wore: Day Out In Loughborough..

Happy Sunny Sunday! How is your weekend going so far?

It had been red hot all weekend long here. It has been lovely. How about you, have you had a heatwave too?

It has been almost too hot to do too much in the house too. Although we had planned a big move around in the boy's room and we had to get it finished once we started as it was such a mess mid move!! It was a relief once we finished it. I wanted to flop on the floor as I was so tired!

The amount of things crap we keep is unreal! I need to Spring clean the whole house now and let go of old things. Put it this way I can not wait for the dustbin man to come on Tuesday so I can refill it with old school books that have been kept for years.

I have worn this dress all weekend long as it is so cool to wear and does not pull tight around the tummy. 

Although I took these pictures a few weeks ago when we went to visit my eldest son who is at Uni in Loughborough.

The park there is lovely and they had live music on as it was the school holiday. There were even a few couples dancing to the music, it looked like a fun event. 

A selfie in front of the rose way arch, I love roses. I would love one of these rose arches in my garden. Full of pretty roses too.

The park also looks like a nice place to come and read a book in peace and quiet when there are no events on. 

A sunny selfie...

A bouncy castle 2  in the background for the kids to play on.

What I Wore Day Out In Loughborough

What I Wore:
  • Dress: Primark
  • Belt: Old can't remember where from, maybe Primark!
  • Shoes: Converse
  • Sunglasses: Primark

Love the water fountain.

How beautiful are pink roses!?

I hope the weather is this lovely on Friday for my Daughters birthday. It would be lovely to have a BBQ.

In other news, yesterday we ran Parkrun and it was so warm. We must have been crazy to run it in this heat, but we did it. I was so glad to finish it. I was like a beetroot at the end.

The garage is the next place to have a Spring clean after the 2 youngest 2 filled it with old and broken toys they no longer need.

Do you start one job and then it leads to another and another?



  1. So pretty! Love the fountains!

  2. I took my first whole weekend out from blogging! Went away for a wedding an couldn't have wished for better weather! I think the bride was very hot though!I did feel for her in the heat! xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laurie, I have taken the week off from blogging this weekend :)

  3. It is like a domino effect when you start one project! I love that dress and the park pics are so pretty. Here's to more good weather!


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