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Thursday, 13 July 2017

My Make Up Routine: Over 40 Style!

I love to wear make up every now and then. I love to experiment with different looks.. I think make up can completely change how you feel about yourself, give you more confidences and change how you look too.

It also cheers me up when I am feeling sorry for myself and gives me a touch of sparkle.

I do not wear make up everyday as some days I don't leave the house for to long, just walkies with Mollie and I am not getting dressed up to go for a walk in the wood.

I remember a few years ago; one of my son's friends said to him that he saw his Dad with another woman walking into town. He had seen us a few days earlier going on a rare date night and because I was dressed up with make up on and he had no idea it was me!!

Haha, that could have got the hubby into so much trouble!!

I have always loved experimenting with different makeup. I can still remember growing up and sharing makeup tips and tricks with my best friend. She had a part time job then when she was around 13 and she use to buy all different things for us to try out and experiment with.

The amount of Sun-In bleach hair dye, hair remover and hairspray we must have got through in those days!! I use to have dark hair on my arms those days too and she completely took all them off just one of my arms using some kind of hair remover. Leaving a big patch on my arms. The good old days eh!?

Although I have never had the spare money for the best makeup in town, I have had some decent things that do not always cost to much but still do the job perfectly.

I get some great bargains from Primark, Body Care and my new favourite place The Beauty Outlet in Mcarther Glen outlet.

Cheeks And Face:

One of my favourite things to use everyday or evenings out on my cheeks and face is this proto-col Baked Mineral Shimmer. It adds a touch of shimmer and sparkle without going overboard. I first brush it onto my cheeks then once most is off the brush I dab a bit onto my forehead and around my face. A perfect natural looking sparkle.


Although I love Primark's make up I find the mascara is harder to get off at night so I find this Rimmel one a lot easier to remove. This one has a sweet curved brush too to help you get rocking curves!!


Daisy is my everyday go to perfume at the minute for daytime as it smells lovely without being over powering. I love this sweet little bottle on my dressing table too, how cute!? I need to try the other smells in the range now for a change.

Eye Shadow:

I keep buying this Technic eye shadow time and time again from Body Care as it last for ages, wears well and I am sure it only cost just around a pound or 2. Cheep and such cheerful colours.

Skin Cream:

My go to morning moisturiser is Kiehl's ultra face cream as it feels lovely on. I also use it at night too, when I remember!


I mostly us Rimmel at the minute as my son bought me a few bottles for Christmas as his girlfriend uses this brand. It works well and has a lovely finish to it.

Make Up Bag:

I am always looking in Primark at their Make up bags. I usually pick a new one up from here, when I need one. They usually have some lovely designs and are a great price.

Brow Pencils:

Primark again, such a bargain from here and I don't think and expensive one would make much difference!?


I love L'Oreal Glam Shine lip gloss. This pink one has just a hint of colour and lots of shine, so perfect throughout the day. For night time I would usually go for bright red lipstick and sometime pop this on top for a nice red shiny to it.

What makeup brands do you like to use throughout the day?

What are you favourite colour lipsticks?

What perfume do you like to use in the day or at night?

My favourite night time perfume is still Lou Lou after 30 years!!



  1. Lovely collection of makeup!

  2. Love it all!! My daughter loves Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance!

    1. Thanks Heather, whoo it is lovely isn't it?

  3. I'm a late bloomer, very late bloomer. I"m in my 40s and have just "discovered" make-up. I told you I was late ;) Lovely stash here:)

  4. You have a complete collection. Moisturizer is definitely a must have. I have to try Kiehl's ultra face cream.

  5. I like the bargains that you can find in Primark. I use their Glam Tan It's amazing xx

    1. Thanks Laurie, I have a few but when they are finished I need to try Primarks range :)

  6. I too am not a major makeup person, but boy do I love me some skincare products.

  7. I have never bought make up from Primark, I need to go and look. I don't wear lots of make up unless I am going out either and my foundation is the one thing I could not do without x

    1. Thanks Cathy, Primark has some bargains :)

  8. I have used Rimmel since my teens and it is always good quality at an affordable price

  9. Great look! We have the same foundation and mascara, I love Rimmel make-up! :)

    1. Whoo.. It is great value and quality :)

  10. I love your look. I tend to stick to what I know and don't mix up my make-up routine, I do need some new stuff though

  11. Great selection! I always wanted to try Kiehl's skincare range.


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