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How To Serve Champagne At Home

How To Serve Champagne At Home.

As Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I would share some fun champagne tips with you today.

How To Serve Champagne At Home

How to Serve Champagne at Home:

Ahead of the Champagne Tasting Dinner, Stefano Litti, Restaurant and Bars Manager at Sopwell House, reveals his top tips for how best to enjoy Champagne at home.

How To Serve Champagne At Home

Top Of The Pops:

You only need to remember one thing when opening a bottle of Champagne – twist the bottle, not the cork! No matter how expensive the bottle is, if you follow this simple rule you can open Champagne stress-free every time.

How To Serve Champagne At Home

Pour like A Pro:

If you want to impress your friends at a dinner party then be sure to pour your Champagne properly. Hold the base of the bottle and pour into a glass at a 45-degree angle. This reduces the amount of fizz and shows that you know what you are doing.

How To Serve Champagne At Home

The Perfect Glass:

There is no need to worry if you don’t have enough Champagne flutes for your guests. Champagne can equally be served in a white wine glass without any shame; the shape of a wine glass even allows you to appreciate the complexity of the aromas.

How To Serve Champagne At Home

Keep It Cool:

Champagne is best enjoyed chilled so leave the bottle in an ice bucket ahead of serving. It is also important to hold the stem of the glass, rather than the bowl to prevent the Champagne warming up too quickly as you are drinking it.

Not Just For Christmas:

Often people hoard Champagne in a cupboard for that never arriving special occasion. However, there are a number of affordable bottles of Champagne in the supermarket for you to enjoy more regularly – so get popping!

How To Serve Champagne At Home
How To Serve Champagne At Home

How To Serve Champagne At Home Tips Courtesy Of: 

Head Chef of The Restaurant at Sopwell House, Matthew Bird, has devised an inventive four-course tasting menu with Taittinger to showcase the importance of wine pairing with different dishes. The event will be held on 23 November 2017.

On Thursday 23 November 2017, The Restaurant at Sopwell House will host a Champagne Tasting Dinner with Taittinger. The evening is priced at £85 per person for a four-course menu with canapés, coffee, and petit fours, accompanied by the four fantastic Champagne pairings.

Sopwell House is a stunning 18th Century Georgian manor house located in the village of St. Albans deep within the Hertfordshire countryside. Located only 20 minutes from London St. Pancras, the hotel is the idyllic getaway just outside of the hustle and bustle of the capital. The hotel is the perfect place to dine boasting a 2AA Rosette restaurant, a vibrant Brasserie, an elegant cocktail lounge, and conservatory bar, all of which look out on 12-acres of beautiful gardens.

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6 responses to “How To Serve Champagne At Home”

  1. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    These are great tips! I love champagne!

  2. The Resilient Recruiter says:

    Love this – we drink champagne at home quite often! Friends always laugh at us, but I really enjoy it (as long at it is dry)!

  3. Retiring not Shy! says:

    My favourite drink and lots of good advice in your post. My favourite is to keep it well chilled, cold champagne is delicious, warm champagne is icky.

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