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24/06 Creative Mondays And Features

  • Happy birthday my princess.
  • You are my little mini me
  • I can see myself and my ways in you
  • You are so sweet
  • Make me laugh
  • Make me cry with happiness
  • You also know how to get everything you want 
  • I think too myself you are just like me
  • That’s my girl
  • I cant believe how quick you,my baby is growing up
  • I am so proud of you
  • And love you so much

Going through so old letters and bill last week, I found a card from my grandma who passed away a few years ago. With tears streaming down my face I opened the card and read…

If somethings worth having its worth waiting for and it sure was…

This is my new motto in life, sometimes I get down when things don’t go my way, or run as fast as I would like to… but if its worth having its worth waiting for right??


Here are some of last weeks features…


Soliloquy Of Food And Such
20130607 131426 Lucinda Skirt from BeMyGoth
embroidery hoop, picture frame
City Girl Gone Coastal
Llittle Miss Kimberly Ann
wine bottle tiki lamps
Glitter Glue And Paint
Curiosita Ellya
Windsor And Main
Peaches And Bees
Happiness Winner





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