3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed

3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed

3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed.

Hello friends. Happy Saturday. How are you today? Love wrapping up warm in lots of layers at this time of year and going out for walks. Plenty of warm milky coffees too. What’s your favourite thing about Winter?

3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed:

Storm Ciara Has Hopefully Gone Away But The Again?

The wind is still blowing quite loudly here but thankfully it has quieten down after the damage Storm Ciara has caused many over this past week. I think we have another bad storm is on the weather forecast for this weekend but hopefully I heard wrong! It is my weekend off work so I’m guaranteed the weather to be miserable!!

3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed

Lazy Saturday: What Day Offs Are Made For:

I’m having a lazy Saturday morning as it is my day off from work. My Husband was at work early this morning and my Son is still sleeping after an evening shift last night.

My Daughter had her friend stay over last night and so I am not wanted today, ha! Nobody wants to go anywhere and I do not fancy going out on my own, I mean who would take my photos for me, lol.

 3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed:

Not everything is has it seems!? I am loving working on my new Instagram feed as it is all about street art and fashion. I am also trying to work on my own style over there and doing things a little different to create my own individual style and hopefully it is working.

Loving creating 3 And 6 posts stories on Instagram to stand out and I am loving the results so far. This is my favourite photo so far as all photos have enough detail to stand out.

The Rise And Falls Of Learning Something New:

I have already failed a few times when one of my photos was a not very nice view of between my legs!! My selfie was not in the middle of the story and this random leg post was a little hard to work out what the photo was about but hay ho, we have to fail sometime to make us wary of our mistakes and get better from them, don’t we?

3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed

3 And 6 Posts Stories On Instagram 40+ Style Feed:

What do you think? Have you seen my new Fashion_By_Claire_Justine account on Instagram? Here is my new account: Fashion By Claire Justine and you can still follow my family account at the top and bottom of this page. Have a great weekend and do not let the weather change your plans!!

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  1. Shelbee on the Edge
    2 March 2020 / 6:23 PM

    So much fun stuff, Claire! I love how you make these IG grids with 3, 6 or 9 frames. Very cool! Thanks for linking up.


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