3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make.

Hello, again friends. So I hope you are having a lovely weekend. A classic apple pie recipe anyone? Because I love homemade apple pies. Do you too?

Served warm with custard or ice cream, so yummy!

Whenever I see them, I can’t help thinking of my Grandma. They also bring back fond memories of being a child. My Grandma always use to bake apple pies, whenever she could get the apples.

Just Like Grandma Used To Make.
Recipe and image courtesy of Belvoir Fruit Farms, Dairy Diary, And Beautiful Country Beautiful Fruit.

3 Apple Pie Recipes To Try Out: Just Like Grandma Used To Make:

She used to make them up and freeze them too. Never a visit to Grandma’s house without being offered a slice of her yummy apple pie or freshly made bread!!

Her house used to smell amazing.

Always baking something. 3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make.

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make. I can not ever remember a visit when younger and not be eating apple pies or homemade treats!! The good old days eh!?

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make:

Table Of Contents:

  • Firstly, Spiced Apple and Ginger Pie.
  • Secondly, Butterscotch Apple Pie.
  • Thirdly, How To Make Apple Of Your Eye Pie.
  • Fourthly, Other Apple Recipes.

My Daughter and Son’s girlfriend have been making gluten-free pies tonight and it had me thinking of this post I shared last year.

To make gluten-free pies just simply change any gluten ingredients in these recipes for gluten-free ones.

Today I am sharing 3 apple pie recipes that remind me just of Grandma used to make and fond memories of growing up.

All you need is a few ingredients and a good Apple Pie Dish.

Spiced Apple and Ginger Pie: How Retro?
Spiced Apple and Ginger Pie. Recipe c/o Belvoir Fruit Farms.

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make.

Spiced Apple And Ginger Pie:

Firstly, Spiced Apple And Ginger Pie.

So how about mixing an apple pie up a little by adding some Belvoir Spiced Apple & Ginger Cordial into your pastry and apple pie filling?

Real Easy Recipe. Want to create a tasty treat? Real simple apple-ginger pie.

This is the ultimate comfort food for the chilly first nights of autumn. Apple and ginger pie with spices, anyone?

How much sweetening your apples need will depend on how tart they are.

To avoid a soggy bottom, the foundation of this pie has been pre-baked.

Decorative leaves have been placed on top. Slice it up and serve it warm with cream or custard.

Another tasty recipe is Butterscotch Apple Pie.

Recipe and image courtesy of Dairy Diary.

Butterscotch Apple Pie:

Secondly, Butterscotch Apple Pie.

How about trying this Butterscotch Apple Pie?

Just like Grandma used to make but this is a little easier as my Grandma used to make her own pasty and this recipe uses ready-made pasty to make it quicker.

I adore apple pies. Does anyone not?

They bring to mind, my grandmother.

When I was a child, whenever you visited my grandmother’s house, you were always welcomed with a slice of homemade apple pie. Delicious.

She was always baking when we went to Grandma and Granddad’s house.

The house had a mystical aroma. So today I am sharing a Butterscotch Apple Pie. How yummy?

Or how about an Apple of Your Eye Pie?

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make.
Recipe and image courtesy of Beautiful Country Beautiful Fruit.

Apple of Your Eye Pie:

Thirdly, Apple of Your Eye Pie.

How about trying this How To Make Apple of Your Eye Pie?

Using some nice and scrumptious South African Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples.

So what food do you remember eating a lot when you were growing up?

Did your Grandma use to make the most amazing home-cooked food too? Fancy making any of these apple pies?

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make. So what do you think about these traditional apple pie recipes? Do you also fancy trying any? Because I do.

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Juice anyone? Do you fancy making your own juice? How about making some blackberry and roasted apple juice drinks?

Yep, roasted apples whizzed up with some blackberries and a few more ingredients. Delicious. Tasty. Fresh. Healthy. Blackberry and Roasted Apple Juice. So tasty.

Secondly, Pickled Apples: Great For Health Benefits. 

The polyhphenols present in apples help to reduce the fluctuations of blood sugar, which is particularly important for people suffering from diabetes. When you combine this with the health advantages of acetic acid, which is found in vinegar, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Apples are also high in iron and can be used to cure anaemia; however, the season is never long enough for me.

Particularly considering the quantity of apples we produce at the restaurant. When there aren’t any apples in season, pickled apples are frequently on the menu for the rest of the year. Pickled Apples: Great For Health Benefits. So good.  

Beef Pie with Blueberry And Blackcurrant Cordial:

Thirdly, Beef Pie with Blueberry And Blackcurrant Cordial.

How tasty? Fancy trying this recipe out for dinner tonight?

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian cuisine, which has long embraced the concept of pairing sweet, tart berries with rich meat dishes, the blueberry, and blackcurrant cordial gives a moreish depth of flavour to the beef filling in this sumptuous pie. Beef Pie with Blueberry And Blackcurrant Cordial. So tasty?

3 Apple Pie Recipes.

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Updated Post. First Published here April 2018.

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make. Why not subscribe so you never miss a post?

3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To Make.
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  1. 19 March 2023 / 21:19

    The spiced and butterscotch pies sound like yummy twists to traditional apple pies! Here via Sum of their Stories.

  2. 10 October 2022 / 12:41

    They sound delicious! I have been given some cooking apples so I might try one of these recipes!

    Emma xxx

    • 11 October 2022 / 09:11

      Thanks for stopping by Emma. Hope you get to make one.

  3. Melynda Brown
    24 April 2020 / 00:42

    Apple pie and grandmothers go hand in hand! Thank you for posting. Melynda @ Scratch Made Food!

    • 7 May 2020 / 20:10

      Aww, they do. I miss my grandma. So many amazing memories of her cooking growing up.

  4. Mother of 3
    17 October 2019 / 19:26

    That caramel pie sounds amazing; I just love a bit of caramel with my apple pie.

    • 27 October 2019 / 17:22

      Thanks lovely, whoo me too.

  5. mandy at making home simple
    17 October 2019 / 19:20

    Yum! These all look delicious! Funny enough Apple Butter is what makes me think of my grandmother. She made a kind of apple turnover pie with apple butter as the filling. Found you on the link party!

  6. 17 October 2019 / 08:22

    Love an apple pie with loads of custard! My diet going well then!! ;-)) x Jacqui

    • 27 October 2019 / 17:21

      Yummy, I love this too much.

  7. Kathryn Grace
    28 April 2018 / 18:14

    Oh, I love the sound of these recipes! I’ll look forward to reading and trying them—the reading later today if I’m lucky, the trying come fall when apples are sweet, juicy and ripe again.As to your question, one grandmother hardly cooked at all, and the other prepared enormous farmer breakfasts with homemade apple butter, freshly churned butter from cream I’d helped her separate that morning, and fried eggs and fried chicken she’d raised herself. Funny. I don’t remember ever eating dessert at her house, but boy do I remember those breakfasts. Asked my mom how Grandma did it, so early in the morning. She said Grandma cooked most of the food—the chickens, the sausages—the day before or perhaps days before, and reheated them in the oven while she fried the eggs and bacon. Still, it was a lot of work, and one of the happier memories I have of that grandmother.

    • 7 May 2018 / 20:30

      Thanks for stopping by Kathryn and answering my question. I think my Grandma loved making sweet treats as my Granddad had a sweet tooth.

  8. Heather{Our Life In a Click}
    28 April 2018 / 14:38

    I love apple pie!