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3 Reasons Why Mums Gone To Brighton

3 Reason Why Mums Gone To Brighton: Creative Mondays Link Up.

Hello friends, if you are reading this post, that is great as I am on my holidays this weekend and it means I have successful managed to publish this post. If not I am really sorry you had to wait for the link up as I am not brilliant with setting the draft up. I think the time zone is out on my blog! Lol.

3 Reason Why Mums Gone To Brighton

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unsplash-logoAlex Ovs

3 Reason Why Mums Gone To Brighton:

Brighton I hear you shout!? In Winter!? Won’t it be cold? Ha, I will let you know when I back home!!

Anyway straight onto today’s post and here is a photo of what I am hoping the weather to be like on my weekend away.

3 Reason Why Mums Gone To Brighton: Creative Mondays:

1.) To Meet Up With 3 Of My Cousins I’ve Not Spent Time With Since We were Younger: Maybe 35 Years Ago Now:

How cool is it to meet up with family that I have not spent quality time with since we were little!! Life get’s in the way and family move away and everyone are busy with their lives and then one cousins has an idea to fly all the way from France for a weekend away with her 3 other cousins and then before you know it plans turn into reality.

2.) To Take Lots Of Fabulous Photos:

I love taking photos but been really bad at getting out this Winter so I am hoping to fill my camera roll with great memories. I have never been to Brighton before so everything will be exciting and I will want to take lots of photos.

3.) To Hopefully Be Missed At Home!?:

Sometimes you feel like you are rushing around and getting nothing done and also feel like no one notices anything you do. I am sure the children think their clothes magically appear washed and ironed and put away? Hopefully over the next few days my Husband and kids will miss me? Ha! Wish me luck.

3 Reason Why Mums Gone To Brighton

This weeks featured post is Cristina Riches aka Bird – Party & lifestyle influencer. Stop by now to take a look at this amazing Camembert Cheese Fondue Board:

3 Reason Why Mums Gone To Brighton: Creative Mondays:

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28 comments so far.

28 responses to “3 Reasons Why Mums Gone To Brighton”

  1. Laurie says:

    I love Brighton. Have a lovely time Claire. It’s a great reason to go too. xx

  2. Well your post has successfully gone live! The time is all messed up on my WordPress as well so I have lots of calculations to do in order to properly schedule a post ahead of time. If I ever figure how to fix the time issue, I will let you know! I hope you have the most wonderful trip to Brighton. It sounds like a lovely getaway with relatives! I hope the weather was pleasant enough as well.


  3. Jacqui Berry says:

    I do hope you had fun in Brighton, I’ve only been to stay there once – on a hen weekend and we had lots of fun. Thanks for hosting Claire. x

  4. mireille says:

    Ha ha! Yes! I think it would be great for our families to miss us a little. I am never gone long enough for that to happen but I have already told my husband that for my 50th, I am meeting my best friend who lives in France somewhere on an island. No kids, no hubby! They don’t believe me..

  5. Debbie-Dabble says:

    Thanks so much for hosting each week!! I hope you have a great week!!

  6. woohoo it worked and you posted, Hope you are having a lovely time in Brighton. Great feature love the chaucuterie cheese board

  7. Nancy says:

    Oh my God, I love Brighton! We go there every time we are in the UK! It’s so nice there.

  8. Kristin says:

    Thank you so much for hosting. This week I am excited to share my creative ways to use vintage containers and my favorite books for parenting teens. Hope you have a great week!

  9. I hope you have the best time, Claire! My children aren’t home anymore, but I’ve joked with my husband that the hamper is “magic”–as in you put something in and it magically reappears in your dresser! I hope you have lots of laughs and connecting with your cousins!

  10. Vaishali Verma says:

    Wow what beautful pictures honey.

  11. Bird says:

    Thanks so much for the feature! 🙂

  12. Heather says:

    I hope you’re having a great holiday with your cousins. I saw the photo on Instagram that you recreated. What a special trip!

  13. Joanne says:

    I hope you have lots and lots of fun on your trip!

  14. Cheryl Shops says:

    I hope you’re enjoying your trip and taking lots of dreamy photos!
    Cheryl Shops

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