4 Easy Cocktails To Make At Home

4 Easy Cocktails to Make at Home from Studio Bar at K West.

With Dry January a distant (and bad!) memory, it’s time to celebrate the return to boozy dinners and cocktail nights in February.

Michal Golecki, Head Mixologist at Studio Bar at K West Hotel & Spa advises on his top four cocktails that look impressive but are quick and easy to shake up with ingredients you already have in your fridge at home.

4 Easy Cocktails To Make At Home
4 Easy Cocktails To Make At Home

Vodka: Raspberry Caipiroska:

Michal says: “The Caipiroska cocktail is a Russian twist on the well-known Brazilian cocktail caipirinha”.

Ingredients: 50ml Vodka; 4 lime wedges; 2 tablespoon Sugar; crushed ice, 3 raspberries

Method: Muddle all of the ingredients together, and pour over ice into a rock glass or tumbler. Garnish with a couple of raspberries. If you like your cocktails on the sweeter side, you can always top up with lemonade.

Gin: Elderflower G&T:

Michal says: “This delicately coloured, refreshing take on the classic gin and tonic makes this the perfect beverage for spring”.

Ingredients: 50ml Gin; 25ml Elderflower cordial, 15ml fresh-squeezed Lime juice, tonic.

Method: Shake ingredients together with ice cubes and strain into a tall glass, top up with tonic. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Rum: The Cuba Libre a Casa:

Michal says: “This cocktail is a great way to elevate a simple Rum and Coke!”

Ingredients: 50ml Dark Rum; Coca-Cola; 1 Lime

Method: Squeeze the lime into a highball glass over ice. Add the double shot of rum and then fill the glass with Coca-Cola. Stir and add a quarter of the lime.

Tequila: Tequilita Sunrise:

Michal says: “The Tequilita Sunrise is easy to mix up at a moment’s notice, beautiful to look at, and deliciously fruity”.

Ingredients: 50ml Tequila; 50ml Orange juice, 10ml Grenadine.

Method: Pour the tequila over ice in a tall glass and top with orange juice and add the grenadine Add more grenadine for a sweeter flavour. Garnish with a slice of Orange or Grapefruit.

4 Easy Cocktails To Make At Home

Tips courtesy of  K West Hotel & Spa, Richmond Way, London W14 0AX

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13 responses to “4 Easy Cocktails To Make At Home”

  1. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    The tequilita sunrise sounds good to me!

  2. The Lazy Gastronome says:

    What a great variety! I'd be honored if you shared it at our What's for Dinner link up!http://www.lazygastronome.com/whats-dinner-sunday-link-135/

  3. Jayne SMABL says:

    It's been a while since I tried cocktails. Vodka is my poison so I think I would really like the 'Raspberry Caipiroska' :)Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Louisa says:

    I like vodka and love raspberries so would definitely enjoy the raspberry Caipiroska. Mind you I would probably be under the table after one!

  5. Lexie @ mommyhomemanager.com says:

    Mm, that G&T sounds amazing. Even the picture just looks refreshing. 🙂

  6. Heather Poelzer says:

    This is a great post! I've been all about the Cuba Libres recently!

  7. Kim Carberry says:

    I'll take one Tequilita Sunrise please. heheheAll of these cocktails sound so good x #MMBC

  8. Morgan Prince says:

    I'd try the Tequilita Sunrise – not keen on tonic so that put me off the G&T! 😉

  9. Nina says:

    I lie the idea of these cocktails as you have a limited amount of ingredients , which means easy to get and not too expensive.

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