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5 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil Right Now

5 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil Right Now.

Hello friends, happy Creative Mondays. Coconut oil is an healthier alternative to butter and oils but did you know you can do more things than cook with it? You can cook with it, eat it, wear it and also use it for health and beauty. It is also great to condition your hair with it.

5 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil Right Now.

Over the years I make some yummy recipes up using coconut oil. I made a cherry and nut granola treat with it. The nutty cherry granola was so yummy.

5 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil Right Now:

5 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil Right Now.

Here Are A Few Things Coconut Oil is Also Good For:

1.) Good Old Fashioned Cooking:

Frying and adding to your baking is great alternative to fats and oils. How about trying this Ridiculously Good Coconut Cornbread up for brunch. This Lollipop Coconut Chicken or something different like this Sticky Coconut Black Rice With Mango And Lime are great ideas for dinner recipes ideas.

2.) Lip Balm:

If you have dry lips you can pop a bit on them to soften them up a little. It feels nice on your lips too. Better than Vaseline! Also a good idea to use in Winter to save lips from getting dry. I hate getting chapped lips!! When a piece of skin pulls on your lips so you try to bit it off, and it pulls even more: OUCH!!

3.) Conditioning Your Hair And Scalp:

Are coconut oil good for hair? Pop a few teaspoons in your hand let it melt and rub it into the roots of your hair. This helps condition your hair. Do you have a dry scalp? It works great for this too.

Simply place a few teaspoons in your hands, it melts in seconds and then rubs it into your scalp. Leave for a little while then wash out. My Daughter had a dry scalp a few years ago and this works great!! First time too.

The next day you may want to wash your hair again as it will be slightly greasy but no worries as it has done your scalp the world of good. You could also try using it before shampooing and it might not come out greasy as it did when we tried it as we used it more like conditioner.

You can also add other ingredients to it for different hair ideas: 5 best ways of using coconut oil for hair for stimulating hair growth, hair treatment, dandruff, split ends and damaged hair.

4.) Skin Moisture:

Adding some moisture to your skin if you have dry skin. Again works great and softens up your skin nicely. A good way to remove some stubborn make up marks off your skin is to add a little to some tissue paper.

5.) Massage Oil:

It feels so nice and smooth. It also melts in your hands in seconds.

I have ran out of some at the minute and I have a a bit of dry skin on the side of my head so I am off now to buy some more!!

5 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil Right Now.

What would you make with it or use it for? Stop by and join us on Pinterest if you get the chance.

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*Updated Post* First published here 2nd April 2016.

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19 responses to “5 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil Right Now”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Oooh, hello!!! Is this some secret Claire blog I didn't know about!!!?!?!!? We love Coconut oil in our house- we use it all the time- it is very, very good with aubergines fried on the hob and with salmon and shallots done in the oven!

    • Hi Kezzie, haha!! You know me, a new year a new blog!! Only got about 5 now!! Hehe 🙂 I wanted to try all food so I can get all creative here and share some of the ideas that are always filling my head! Whoo that sounds amazing!! I must try this. Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Laura Lane says:

    I've not seen that brand. Do you like it?Be blessed!Laura of Harvest Lane CottageDo drop in!

  3. Coconut oil really is so great! I have used it for all of these things except for conditioning my hair. But I may have to give that a try now as well.


  4. mireille says:

    The only time I have used coconut oil is with essential oil for rubs. Thanks for sharing other ways.

  5. Ellibelle says:

    Such great uses of coconut oil! I could really use it on my dry lips this time of the year! Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle’s Corner

  6. Claire,
    Thanks so much for hosting!! I hope you have a great week!!

  7. Laurie says:

    great for the hair! I’ve used it often. Have a great week Claire xx

  8. Joanne says:

    I love coconut oil; I do use it as a lotion and on my lips but I also started oil pulling when I brush my teeth too. Funny enough I rarely think to cook with it!

  9. Cheryl Shops says:

    Love coconut oil—I’ve been using it on my lips, which are super dried out from winter!
    Cheryl Shops | http://www.cherylshops.net

  10. Kristin says:

    Thank you so much for hosting. This week I am excited to share my cozy style for my home in the wintertime. Have a great week!

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