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5 More Valentine Recipes…

I love to read everyone’s blogs. 

There are always so many ideas pops up that you would never have thought of yourself. 

So many amazing ideas you get to read from all around the world. 

Today I am sharing some yummy Valentine recipes ideas with you. You can try out too.

Last weekend I made lots of Gluten Free recipes up and shared them over on my Creative Mondays Blog Hop. 

Also lots of people linked up and shared some of their sweet and savoury creations. Why not join us one week? It is an inspiring blog hop.

Here are some of my recipes: 

Gluten-Free Cookie.

Gluten-Freee Cupcakes.

Today I am sharing 5 great recipes that linked up on the blog hop. I want to try out as they look so cool! Perfect for Valentines Day or anytime of the year really!!

  1. These Valentines Chocolate And Candy Popsicle’s by 3 princesses and 1 dude look amazing and they have even made a cool video blog on how to make them. {video above}.
  2. Paula over at Life As We Know It By Paula shared lots of fun and healthy ideas including shot through the heart fruit, Valentine pink fruit smoothies and heart shaped carrots.
  3. Kate from Kate On Thin Ice shared a great idea, something I would never though about but would love to try: Healthy truffles made with French Goats Cheese!
  4. Bakewell Junction share a yummy Valentines Toffee with sweet pink, red and white bits on top. Yummy!!
  5. How about giving someone special Red Velvet Peanut Butter Hugs? Living On Cloud has a perfect tutorial to get you started!!

Do you like my round up? 

Fancy making any of these recipes too?

Hope to see you next week at Creative Mondays or you can stop by now. It has lots of inspiring and creative posts to read!!

10 thoughts on “5 More Valentine Recipes…

  1. All of these look so yummy! I love trying new things. I love the chocolate and candy popsicles. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Recipes look fab, and so does the website – I have no idea how you manage to do such much, I need your discipline!

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