7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out Today!

These black pudding recipes are c/o Irish producer Clonakilty.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out Today!

Hello friends.

Are you a fan of black pudding?

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7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out:

If you are, I have 7 Clonakilty Black Pudding recipes to share with you today.

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7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out

Clonakilty White Pudding And Mushroom Frittata:

(Serves 4)

With just a few simple steps and a handful of delicious ingredients, the Clonakilty White Pudding and mushroom frittata make’s a delicious breakfast, quick lunch, or a light dinner.

The beauty of a frittata is that it can be filled with just about anything so why not try adding some asparagus for an extra bite or some finely chopped chilli for a spicy kick.


 280g Clonakilty White Pudding (roughly chopped)

8 large free range eggs

400g mushrooms

3 tbsp rapeseed oil

50g butter

50ml cream

Salt & pepper


 1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

2. Place the Clonakilty White Pudding into a 20cm non-stick frying pan with a deep base and cook on a medium heat until warmed through. Remove and set aside for later.

3. Increase the heat on the pan and coat with rapeseed oil. Add the butter and chopped mushrooms and cook until golden brown.

4. Remove the mushrooms from the pan and set aside with the Clonakilty White Pudding.

5. Crack the eggs into a large bowl and whisk with the cream. Season with salt and pepper.

6. Mix the cooked Clonakilty White Pudding and mushrooms in the egg mixture to coat. This will ensure that the ingredients are evenly dispersed through your frittata.

7. Place the frittata mixture into the same 20cm pan and with a spatula move the mixture away from the bottom until it starts to set. Transfer to the preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes to cook through.

8. Run a spatula around the sides to ensure your frittata will turn out.

9. Slice the frittata into portions and serve with a mixed green salad for a perfect lunch or brunch.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out:

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out

Clonakilty Pan-fried Breakfast:

(Serves 4):


280g Clonakilty Blackpudding

280g Clonakilty Whitepudding

200g Clonakilty Slisíní Rashers

3 large potatoes

4 free range eggs

Handful of parsley

1 onion (optional)


1. Peel and slice potatoes and place them in boiling salted water for 5 to 8 minutes until parboiled.

2. Put a pan on medium heat. Add a small amount of butter or oil and then the puddings. Adjust heat as needed and keep turning puddings until cooked through.

3. Place rashers under a medium grill and flip after 10 minutes. Keep cooking until the desired level of crispiness has been reached.

4. Chop the onions, then remove the cooked pudding and rashers and chop them into smaller pieces. 5. Heat a frying pan over medium heat and add butter or oil. Add onions. Once they start to soften add the potatoes and brown each side. Add chopped pudding and rashers.

6. Whisk eggs and season with salt and pepper. Add egg mixture to the pan and keep stirring until egg is cooked.

7. Cut into four servings, remove from pan with fish slice and place on the plate. Top with parsley and serve.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out:

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out

Clonakilty Black Pudding Stuffed Chicken Breast:

(Serves 4):


4 chicken breasts

200g Clonakilty Slisíní Rashers

280g Clonakilty Black Pudding

2 red apples

Handful of sage


1. Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas mark 5.

2. Slice rashers lengthways in half. Slice the chicken lengthways.

3.Don’t cut all the way through to allow a pocket for stuffing.

4. Chop apples into small cubes and roughly chop sage.

5.Then, in a bowl, combine the Clonakilty Black Pudding with apple cubes and sage.

6. Stuff this mixture into chicken breasts. Don’t overfill as it will expand while cooking.

7. Once all the chicken is stuffed, wrap the rashers around the chicken breast and place on a greased oven tray.

8. Roast in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

9. Remove and allow to cool slightly before slicing into four or five pieces.

10. Serve with a baby leaf and apple salad.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out:

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out Today!

Clonakilty Black Pudding Stackers:

(Serves 2):

Perfect for a quick and easy meal on the table tonight or to impress friends and family at a dinner party.

These stackers showcase a great array of flavours and look great too.


Four 1cm slices of Clonakilty Black Pudding

Two 1cm slices of cored red apple

Two 1cm slices of aubergine

Two 1cm slices of red pepper

Two 1cm rings of halloumi

Micro herbs for dressing

For The Sharmula Relish Dip:

1 large bunch of parsley and coriander (finely chopped)

4 cloves of garlic (pressed or finely chopped)

2 tbsp of paprika

1 tbsp cumin

1 small red chilli

1 tsp salt

1 tsp of fresh ginger (optional)

½ tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

3 tbsp vegetable oil

Juice of 1 small lemon


1. Place your pan on a hot searing heat.

2. Brush all your ingredients with olive oil before placing in the pan.

3. Griddle the vegetables for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, then griddle the black pudding for 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

4. Serve as a stacker with a sharmula relish dip.

For The Sharmula Relish Dip: 

1. Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend until finely chopped.

2. Leave for 30 minutes for the flavours to develop.

3. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out.

Black Pudding, Crab, Apple Puree And Pancetta Salad:

(Serves 2):

Combining the creaminess of the crab, the crunch of the pancetta and the spice of the black pudding, this fabulous salad brings together a sprinkle of the sea and a dash of Clonakilty!

This unique salad is bursting with flavour and is a perfect lunch for black pudding and seafood lovers.


250g crab meat

20g coriander

Juice of two limes

4 tbsp of mayo

2 chopped apples

1 tsp of cinnamon

50g of butter

4 slices (approx. 140g) of Clonakilty Black Pudding

5 thin slices of good quality pancetta (finely chopped)


1. Mix crab with chopped coriander, lime juice, and mayo to make salad and season.

2. Cook apples in cinnamon and butter until soft and then use a blender or food processor to pulse until smooth.

3. Slice and shallow fry the Clonakilty Black Pudding until golden and crispy on both sides. Place under grill until crispy and allow to cool.

4. To plate up your dish, spread a dash of the applesauce onto your plate and place the pieces of black pudding on top. Spoon some of the crab mixture onto each piece of pudding and top with pancetta.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out:

Sonia O’Sullivan’s Fillet Of Cod With Clonakilty Black Pudding:

(Serves 4):

This gorgeous recipe by Sonia o’ Sullivan is quick and tasty.

The delicate flavour of the cod is wonderfully paired with the juicy cherry tomatoes and the texture of the mushrooms.


4 large fillets of cod

250g Clonakilty Black Pudding

100g mushrooms (chopped)

200g cherry tomatoes


1. Pre-heat oven to 180C / Gas 4.

2. Place the fish in a large casserole dish, crumble black pudding on top and surround fish with chopped mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

3. Pour a dash of olive oil around the edges to prevent the food from sticking to the dish.

4. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Serve with broccoli or asparagus and small potatoes roasted in olive oil with rosemary.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out Today!

Try Out Today!

Richy’s Chicken Roulade With Clonakilty Black Pudding:

(Serves 2):

This flavour-packed chicken roulade with Clonakilty Black Pudding is a great mid-week meal or impressive dish for a special occasion.

Chicken goes well with a lot of different flavours so you can experiment with your favourite vegetables and side dishes to serve it with.

Credit: Chef Richy Virahsawmy – who has a fabulous restaurant in Clonakilty town.


2 chicken breasts

1 chopped onion

280g Clonakilty Black Pudding

½ tsp thyme

Salt and pepper

½ tsp chopped garlic


1. Braise chopped onion and garlic. Add chopped Clonakilty Black Pudding, thyme and seasoning.

2. Butterfly the chicken breasts and cover with cling film. Bash with a rolling pin until each portion is thin and flat (5mm).

3. Put 2-3 tablespoons of black pudding mix on the base of the flattened chicken breasts.

4. Using the cling film, roll the chicken breasts tightly into sausage shapes and then roll in tin foil.

5. Bring a pan of water to boil and simmer the chicken in the cling film and tin foil wraps for about 20 minutes until the roulades are firm and cooked through.

6. Remove from the pan, let the roll cool a bit, unwrap and slice to serve.

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out Today!

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out

7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out:

These black pudding recipes are c/o Irish producer Clonakilty Clonakilty Black Pudding.

Consumers can find Clonakilty Blackpudding in Ocado and Sainsbury’s in the UK.

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7 Black Pudding Recipes To Try Out Today!

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These black pudding recipes are c/o Irish producer Clonakilty.