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A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018

A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018. Hello friends, happy Tuesday. How is your week going so far? Yesterday I got soaking wet on my morning walk with Mollie. Then when we got home, the sun came out. Grr, typical!

Another day another hoodwinked robin found in Nottingham. This time A Bird In The Hand.

We found this one in the Summer holidays. Hence, no cardigan. I just thought it would be nice to get them all in order on here.

6.) A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018:

A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018

How sweet is this Robin!?

With little birdies in the tree.

A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018

Also a few butterflies.

Love anything with butterflies on them.

A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018

What I Wore:

A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018

Hoodwinked 2018 Robin Trails in Nottingham:

1.) Royal Robin Redbreast, Carrington Street, Nottingham:

Royal Robin Redbreast #hoodwinked2018.

2.) Judge Robin, Station Street, Nottingham:

Judge Robin #hoodwinked2018.

3.) ‘Robo Robin’Station Street, Nottingham:

Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018.

4.) ‘The City Ground Robin’ Nottingham.

The City Ground Robin #hoodwinked2018.

5.) A City Built On Wisdom, Broadmarsh, Nottingham.

A City Built On Wisdom #Hoodwinked2018.

6.) A Bird In The Hand, Albert Street, Nottingham.

Now I’ve started running again, I am now going to brave a spinning class today. Wish me luck!!

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6 comments so far.

6 responses to “A Bird In The Hand #Hoodwinked2018”

  1. stevebethere says:

    Nice photos Claire I like your new friend heheh!

    Always happens to me too leave home and it pelts down get back and it’s sunny LOL

    Have a soaklesstastic week 🙂

  2. Veronica Lee says:

    Love your cute Robin buddy, Claire!!!!

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