A Bright Healthy Breakfast And Some Recipe Ideas

A Bright Healthy Breakfast And Some Recipe Ideas. Hello friends, so how are you today? All good, I hope. So I am trying to be healthier or should I say eat more fruit and vegetables.

Not always as easy as it looks. Plus I need my breakfasts to be filling. Especially, when I am working four hours with no break.

I did make some nice porridge in my slow cooker the other day though, and add lots of yummy fruit in it instead of sugar or golden syrup!! Go me.

A Bright Healthy Breakfast And Some Recipe Ideas

Shh, it’s wordless Wednesday… Whoops, not today!!

A Bright Healthy Breakfast And Some Recipe Ideas:

So what do you think of my breakfast dish? Do you also fancy making some?

Firstly, I made some porridge in my Pressure King Pro. You can read all about this here: Pressure King Pro Review: A Cool Kitchen Gadget. I made my porridge with water and it turned out so thick and yummy in this. You can make yours the traditional way though. Then I looked for what fruit and nuts I already had in and used them. So yummy.

Some Recipe Ideas:

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14 Porridge recipes to try out over the next few months maybe?:

Firstly, Easy Easter Fruit And Maple Syrup Bunny Porridge. Once you add maple syrup to anything, kids tend to become a lot more interested in eating it right? So much fun to make for the kids over Easter. Or if they like rabbits, any time of the year. So adorable! I could eat this every day and I’m not a kid ;).

Secondly, 11 Recipes For World Porridge Day. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” So they say. As today is World porridge day #WorldPorridgeDay I thought I would share some yummy porridge recipes here with you today! So many ideas. Which one would you choose?

Thirdly, Naked Barley Porridge With Maple Rhubarb And Pecans. Calling all porridge pioneers. Stay ahead of the curve and swap your regular old oats for naked barley. Quick, easy, and comforting, this recipe tastes just as great with milk as it does with a dairy alternative. So yummy. Give Rude Health’s Cashew Drink a go. It is the creamiest of their range. Also, top it with maple rhubarb and pecans to give your taste buds a tickle. Such fun porridge toppings. So how fun is this porridge recipe to try?

Fourth, 3 Healthy Porridge Recipes For National Breakfast Week. Are you looking for some new breakfast recipes to try out for National Breakfast Week? Fancy brightening up your morning porridge? So today I have 3 healthy breakfast recipes from Vita Coco. The perfect way to start any day this Winter!

Fifth, Miso, Barley Porridge With Winter Greens And Fried Egg:

This is a quick, easy alternative to your standard porridge and can be enjoyed any time of day. It’s full of flavour, thanks to the addition of the miso. Remember to give your porridge a chance to cool slightly before adding the miso to preserve the gut-friendly bacteria. So have you tried porridge with egg before? It’s a first time for me!

Sixth, How To Make Nutritious, Fresh and Fruity Tropical Porridge. So do you ever get fed up with thinking; What’s for breakfast? Today I have a healthy recipe to share with you: Porridge anyone? How To Make Nutritious, Fresh, and Fruity Tropical Porridge. So tasty.

Seventh, How To Make Blueberry And Almond Porridge Bake. Porridge is amazing and there is nothing wrong with eating it every day of the week. In fact, we totally encourage it – it’s a way of life here at Stoats.

When it comes to the weekend though wanting to take it up a notch is only natural. Forget the conventional hob for now, this porridge is baked!

Eighth, Apple And Raisin Oatbran Porridge: Breakfast Recipes. What is for breakfast? Porridge with a twist anyone? Fancy making some Apple And Raisin Oatbran Porridge? Apple And Raisin Oatbran Porridge: Breakfast Recipes. I love making porridge up with an apple in it.

Ninth, Pumpkin Porridge. Hello, are you looking for a different breakfast porridge recipe to try out? How about trying this Pumpkin Porridge!? So unusual. Don’t you think?

Tenth, Cinnamon Spiced Morning Porridge Bowl:

Hello, did you know there is a thing as porridge season? When Brits are expected to eat over 847 million bowls of porridge! Do you love porridge for breakfast? So do you fancy making this Cinnamon Spiced Morning Porridge Bowl? I love cinnamon in anything and everything. Such a great taste to it.

Eleventh, Maple Pear Porridge: Start The Day On The Right Foot. Porridge is a perfect start to the day and today I have a tasty Maple Pear Porridge recipe to share with you. Maple Pear Porridge: Start The Day On The Right Foot. How tasty?

Twelfth, Apple Pie Porridge Anyone? Another apple porridge recipe. This is an apple-pie one. So do you fancy trying this one by Edd Kimber? Apple Pie Porridge. So yummy.

Thirteenth, Blackberry And Cacao Porridge: Warm And Tasty. Fancy making your morning porridge taste different? Nothing better than a nice and warm breakfast on a cold Winters morning. Blackberry And Cacao Porridge: Warm And Tasty.

Last But Not Least, Roasted Plum and Fennel Porridge Anyone? Porridge is a perfect breakfast to start the day for those chilly mornings in Autumn/Winter. Roasted Plum and Fennel Porridge. How tasty?

Yes please, I am off now to make some porridge. So what do you think about these yummy breakfast recipe ideas?

So what porridge toppings do you like? Do you like to make your porridge up in a microwave or on the hob?

A Bright Healthy Breakfast And Some Recipe Ideas:

My daughter had coeliac disease so I try to buy gluten-free porridge oats. I like to use these so I can make just one pot up. I really can not taste any difference. Most oats are gluten-free but can become contaminated with gluten if a factory handles gluten. So I always go for the gluten-free ones.

I buy ours from Morrisons, their own brand and they are cheaper than the oats with gluten in!! So good too. Which oats do you like best?

A Bright Healthy Breakfast And Some Recipe Ideas. Updated Post. First Published Here April 2016.

A Bright Healthy Breakfast And Some Recipe Ideas:
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