A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths. Happy Monday, friends. So how are you today?

Brr, the weather has turned cooler, typical as it is was my weekend off work. Welcome to this week’s Creative Monday Link-Up. Love a good motivational quote:

“Inject a little sparkle into your day, and watch as even the mundane moments transform into something magical.”

“Life is too short not to add a little sparkle every day—let your inner light shine bright!”

“Embrace the beauty of simplicity, but never underestimate the power of a little sparkle to brighten your day.”

“A sprinkle of sparkle can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one—never underestimate its transformative power.”

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths:

“Like stars in the night sky, let your sparkle illuminate the darkness and inspire those around you.”

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths: We had a fun day out in Matlock Bath on Friday. We had not visited for a few years due to Covid and it was lovely to spend a short time there before it rained.

As the weather has turned colder, out came the glittery trousers I got a Christmas but never got around to wearing.

Loving this butterfly top my son got me a few weeks ago for my birthday too. It went perfectly with my bronzed glitter trousers.

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths:

“Find joy in the little things, and sprinkle a bit of sparkle into each day like confetti.”

What I Wore: Top & Trousers: Tu Clothing | Pink Trainers: Reebok

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths

“Life is a canvas waiting for your touch—add a little sparkle to paint it with magic and wonder.”

Where is Matlock Bath: Matlock Bath is a village and civil parish in Derbyshire, England. It lies in the Peak District, south of Matlock on the main A6 road, and approximately halfway between Buxton and Derby.

We are lucky that it is only about an hour’s drive away from us. We went by a car on Friday but we also love to visit by train.

A Walk Around Lovers Walk, Anyone?

Are Matlock Bath Arcades Open?

Yes, they are. We went inside one as my husband and daughter love them. You can see a fun reel I made over on Instagram here: When your daughter saw a llama and wants her dad to win her one! That Llama Grabber.

We love Matlock Bath chip shops as a few do gluten-free chips for my daughter. We did not have time for fish and chips this time but you can see this post from last time we visited.

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths:

Monday Motivational Quote: Creative Mondays Link Up.

“Every day may not be perfect, but there’s always room for a little extra sparkle to make it shine.”

We also found a lovely chip shop in Matlock Bath’s that sold gluten-free chips called Tucker’s. Monday Motivational Quote: Creative Mondays Link Up.

We have visited a few chip shops that sell gluten-free fish and chips but this is our favourite one.

Just hope it is still here after Covid as I forgot to look. I think I did see it though.

Matlock Baths

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths:

Our favourite thing to do in Matlock is the walks but we were short on time to go to far as I had to be back for work. Matlock to Matlock Bath via the Heights of Abraham is our favourite walk.

You can see it here when I posted it years ago: Matlock: A Fun Walk To Matlock Baths From Matlock.

Also here: Matlock Bath: View Of Heights Of Abraham: UK Travel

Yesterday it was Father’s Day in the UK and I had been upset all week as I only lost my Dad in January. I still can not believe he has gone. You can see my post on Instagram Here: Happy Father’s Day.

I still can’t believe my dad is no longer with us. It is exactly 5 months since my dad died. One day he was here making us all laugh the next day he was gone.

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths

I still can’t believe I will never see him again.

This week has been tough leading up to to the day. My dad loved the football too and loved buying a new shirt for the games with his grandsons. Covid is real and such a cruel virus.

Fly high Dad. I love you so much.

Thanks to Google for surprising me with this collage.

Top: Me a few years old
Middle: My mum and dad
Bottom: My mum when she was younger

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths.

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A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths. This list has now closed but you can also view the Entries Here.

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths

“Let your inner sparkle radiate outward, illuminating your path and lighting up the world around you.”

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Matlock Baths

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths:

“In a world that can sometimes feel dull, be the sparkle that ignites joy in every moment.”

A Little Sparkle Every Day: Visit To Matlock Baths.

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  1. Patrick Weseman
    23 June 2021 / 01:59

    What a beautiful place. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts.

  2. 22 June 2021 / 22:44

    This is so hard for you, I do feel for you and am sending a big hug to you.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely, cherished photos. Jacqui x

  3. Lindy Sellers
    22 June 2021 / 22:28

    Hi Claire,
    I wanted to pop on and say how sorry I am that your Daddy passed away.
    Losing a parent is one of the toughest parts of life.

  4. 22 June 2021 / 17:51

    First year without your dad must be so hard. I am sorry.
    Love this beautiful tree you took pictures with.

  5. jess
    22 June 2021 / 15:25

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I lost mine unexpectantly 5 years ago, and miss him. Love your glitter trousers with the tee, I am sure its a pick me up when you put them on! This wooded area in Derbyshire looks very pretty! One of these days we will visit England!
    jess xx

    • 23 June 2021 / 20:14

      Thank you Jess. It is nice to get out and about a bit to take my mind off things

  6. Ang
    22 June 2021 / 14:16

    Hi Claire! Shared a recipe and followed you on Bloglovin’. Thanks for hosting the party!

  7. Joanne
    21 June 2021 / 21:13

    I’m so sorry that you had a rough weekend without your dad.

  8. 21 June 2021 / 18:30

    I am so sorry that this is the first fathers day without your dad. Giving you a virtual hug!

  9. 21 June 2021 / 15:19

    Claire, I am so sorry that Father’s Day weekend was a difficult time for you. Ever since losing my parents, both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day come with a lot of mixed emotions for me as well. Despite having my own kids to celebrate with, there is still much sadness. But it really does get easier with the passing years. I love your sparkly pants and graphic tee. Very cute for a nice trip to the baths. Thanks for hosting the link party.


    • 23 June 2021 / 19:55

      Thank you so much for you kind words, lovely. I hope it gets easier soon xx

  10. 21 June 2021 / 14:07

    So sorry to hear about your dad Claire. I’m back blogging again after a few years break and so pleased to see you’re still here with your amazing posts
    Dawn x

    • 23 June 2021 / 19:50

      Hi Dawn, thanks so much for joining us. Great to see you back blogging again.

  11. Heather
    21 June 2021 / 13:30

    I’m so sorry about your dad Claire. It is hard, especially when it’s so recent. I’m glad you had fun day at the Matlock Baths. Love your outfit!

    • 23 June 2021 / 19:48

      Hi Heather, it was a lovely few hours away from home.

  12. Pamela Graham
    21 June 2021 / 10:48

    Great to be back with you Justine, have had such a problem linking up in the past.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t think we ever get over the loss of losing a parent but as I’m sure you find the good memories raise a smile as well as a tear. It’s only time but eventually the smiles will win out.
    with love Pamela x

    • 23 June 2021 / 19:47

      Hi Pamela, so good to see you back with us. Thanks for linking up. So hard losing someone you love xx

  13. 21 June 2021 / 08:56

    Love your sparkly trousers! I am sure Father’s Day was hard. I hope that you can enjoy the happy memories of your dad x

    • 23 June 2021 / 19:46

      Thanks you Lisa. I keep trying to focus on the good times.