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A Model For The Day…

Next week I have lots of photos to share from a day with Marisota at the JD Williams head office in Manchester. They kindly invited me up to take part in their latest campaign #XmasStartsWith.

It was such a great day!

Exchanging my running trainer for high heels and my stay at home mum of 4 routine, to be a model for the day!

How exciting!!

I thought I would start at the beginning and share some of the back stage photo’s. First up picking my outfits from the rails of sparkly party clothes.

Trying my favourite red dress on.

My make up artist applying my make up.

I really need to clear out my cheep and nasty make up now and invest in some good stuff like the ones used on the shoot!!

Love these curls!!

I also have this curling tongue on my Christmas list.

Below the finished me 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Model For The Day…

  1. How exciting for you!! You look drop dead gorgeous, my friend!!Thanks so much for your visits!Hugs,Deb

  2. I saw your shot on Instagram and had to check out your post. So absolutely gorgeous Claire! And how much fun it had to have been to play dress up and have your hair and makeup done. :)

  3. You look amazing, Must have been so fun to have hair and makeup done, and I love the fur with this sweet lace dress!Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!jess

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