A New Kitchen Sink And Taps: Kitchen Makeover

PlumbNation kindly sent me a new sink and tap of my choice for review.

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps.

We have been re-styling and planning odd jobs in our kitchen for some time now. I started a few jobs last year, however, once you start, one thing leads to another. Before you know it that odd job becomes a whole new project! Which of course soon becomes pricey. Also as my eldest says “this kitchen makeover is taking foreva”

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps:

The first part of our Kitchen Makeover is now complete and some of my plans are here: Improving Or Moving.

What I really wanted to do next was buy new kitchen cupboards. On pricing it up though it was just too expensive, as with all large families our money only stretches so far!!

Back to the drawing board then. What we actually need as a priority, is a new kitchen sink and some replacement cupboard doors.

old sink

After a lot of thought, as I often do (as regular readers will know)  I have decided to up-cycle our kitchen. Replacing only what is absolutely necessary, whilst up-cycling the rest. It will work out a lot cheaper in the long run and still look lovely.

The base units and worktop are still OK. It is just the cupboard doors, skirting board, plinths, sink and tap that are old and worn out.

A New  Tap

A few weeks ago PlumbNation came to the rescue and asked me if I would like to review something from their website.

Yes, please!! A new kitchen sink would be perfect, also I have always dreamt of having a cool flexible mixer tap.

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps

Plumb Nation have a great range of plumbing and heating products and a lovely selection of taps and sinks. Just what I needed. I would have liked to pick a ceramic old-fashioned white sink. As we are keeping our old units though I went for a stainless steel one. which would be perfect with the mixer tap I wanted.

I measured the sink and picked out the perfect taps and placed my order. Hoping I had measured the sink properly and the taps would go with it, all fitting my existing space.

My sink and taps arrived just a couple days after ordering them. As soon as they arrived I got onto our local plumber to see when he could come and fit them for us.

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps
A New Kitchen Sink And Taps
A New Kitchen Sink And Taps
A New Kitchen Sink And Taps

He is very busy at the minute, as all good plumbers are. As soon as he had a spare morning he would fit it for us, so today is the day.

Yesterday I cleaned out all the things from under the sink and pulled out the washing machine so he could get straight to work. Up early and Mollie walked by 07.30. All ready for the plumber to do his magic. It only took him under 3 hours to take out our old sink and fit our new one in. I am really pleased with how it looks. My tap looks beautiful, I cannot stop looking at it!!

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps
A New Kitchen Sink And Taps

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps.

If you are looking for A kitchen sink or taps here are a few tips for you to consider:

A Buyer Guide To A New Kitchen Sink And Taps:

Buying Guide: Kitchen Sinks.

The kitchen sink is an important feature to complete a functional kitchen. The sink is an item that is often overlooked when designing a kitchen refurbishment as its functionality outweighs its aesthetic appeal. However, the style of your kitchen sink will determine the overall appearance of the kitchen whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary finish.

As well as style, functionality and durability are a must when choosing a new sink as they are frequently used in daily routines. Kitchen sinks are also a long term item that isn’t often replaced so it is important to consider a material and colour that will endure regular use.

This guide discusses the various options available from material to mounting type, giving you a comprehensive insight into the sink that will best suit your needs.


The two most popular materials used for kitchen sinks are stainless steel and ceramic due to their many practical benefits. Both offer durability and timeless style suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens.

Stainless steel is a functional and hardwearing material designed to be robust and easy to clean. Often cheaper than a ceramic alternative, stainless steel is an ideal option for a contemporary styled kitchen. Overall, stainless steel kitchen sinks offer durable resistance against stains and high temperatures. However, stainless steel does tend to show water spots more obviously and often scratch more than ceramic. This can be overcome by selecting a satin finish which will help prevent visible wear.

Ceramic offers a traditional option for kitchens that are long wearing and resistant to high temperatures and won’t dent from the impact. The robust and timeless design has made this type of sink a popular option for kitchen refits, especially the iconic Belfast sink which creates a great traditional feature. If not maintained properly, a ceramic sink can chip or crack leading to staining as the glaze is compromised from the damage. These sinks are also much heavier than stainless steel alternatives, so requires a cabinet which can hold this extra weight.


Inset sinks are placed on the surface of the kitchen worktop, so they are extremely easy to install. They are supported by their frame and their versatility means that they are compatible with any worktop material.

Under-mount sinks offer stylish minimalism as their rimless design means the worktop seamlessly fits the sink. These have a more complex installation process as they are fitted into the bottom of the worktop and require sealing and supporting to function correctly.

Due to this extra support required by the installation, under-mount sinks are compatible only with sturdy worktop materials such as granite, quartz and hardwood.


There are a variety of different styles and sizes available for sinks to suit any kitchen layout whether small or large. The space available in your kitchen will determine the number of choices you have regarding style and dimensions. The material of you worktops will also impact the type of sink you chose as under-mounted designs require solid materials such as wood and stone to support the sink. When considering the material and size for a new sink, it is vital to address the practicalities of how you intend to use it. Multiple sinks are ideal for those with a busy kitchen and require extra space for multitasking. On the other hand, an individual sink is perfect for a kitchen where space is at a premium.

Single bowl kitchen sinks take up minimal room on the worktop space, however, they do not compromise on functionality as they offer ample space for washing large dishes. This style provides an ideal solution for smaller kitchens. Single bowl sinks can also be purchased as a round bowl for an unconventional design feature.

1.5 bowl kitchen sinks are perfect if you’re a multitasker or have a busy kitchen. These kitchen sinks give you the option to do two different tasks at once, so you can rinse vegetables in one and soak dishes in the other. The multiple sink option is highly convenient for any domestic kitchen and is compatible with any worktop material depending on the mounting type.

If a 1.5 bowl option isn’t quite big enough for your kitchen, a double bowl is ideal for larger kitchens. Double bowl models provide additional sink space for the convenience of use. Like the alternative models, double bowl sinks are available as either under-mounted or inset meaning they can be installed in any kitchen.

Buying Guide: Kitchen Taps.

Whether you are refitting an entire kitchen or you’re planning a quick fixture update, a new kitchen tap offers a simple and effective way to refresh the kitchen. The variety of styles and finishes now available means there is a great choice for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. When selecting a new kitchen tap, quality and durability are highly important as it is a hard-working piece of equipment. A kitchen tap should be simple to use and designed to suit all purposes whilst combining sleek style.

This guide informs you of the various factors that you need to consider when buying a new kitchen tap, from the aesthetics to the practical requirements.


Pillar taps are supplied as a pair. Each tap functions independently from one another, so one will control cold water and the other will control hot water.

Mixer taps are available in Monobloc styles, which features one or two handles and is mounted on an individual stand. Mixer taps are also available as a Deck mixer which features a single spout but uses two tap holes. These taps often feature a convenient high spout for ease of use and a swivel mechanism for more control over the direction of the water. This is also a useful feature if you opt for a 1.5 or 2 bowl sink.

Spray mixer taps provide stylish functionality as this type of kitchen tap features a pull-out spout, making it highly useful for a variety of domestic needs. Adding a sense of professionalism to a kitchen these spray taps provide an ideal combination of design and practicality. Their ability to reach beyond the kitchen sink makes them perfect for household jobs as you have greater control over the water flow.


Kitchen fixtures are often offered in classic chrome or stainless steel finishes. The finish of your tap depends entirely on the style of your kitchen as a whole. Stainless steel in either a polished or brushed finish offers a timeless addition to the kitchen that will appeal to any homeowner.

Unconventional colours have increased in demand recently as rose gold and matt black taps have dominated in kitchen interior design. If you were considering making a design statement with you kitchen, black taps are an ideal solution for a more contemporary kitchen.

Water pressure:

It is vital when selecting a new tap for your kitchen to choose one that is compatible with your water pressure; this means you’ll get the best performance from your kitchen tap.

Make sure you are aware of whether you have a high or low-pressure water system to select a tap that is designed to operate effectively at this pressure.

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps.

What are the best kitchen taps for you like?

I can not wait for it all to set now, the tiles could do with a good clean with an old toothbrush now, they look so dirty against my nice new clean sink!

I will be writing my kitchen makeover posts as when I finish bits off so keep a lookout. Now to look for replacement kitchen doors, any ideas?

About this post:

A New Kitchen Sink And Taps. PlumbNation kindly sent me a new sink and tap of my choice for review. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this post. Thanks for supporting the brands I work with and a big Thank you To PlumbNation.

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PlumbNation kindly sent me a new sink and tap of my choice for review.


  1. Stephanie Robinson
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    • 18 July 2017 / 09:13

      Thanks for hosting and stopping by Christine 🙂

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  8. Raw Mum
    14 July 2017 / 09:42

    Really nice finish. Wish a make-over would fix our kitchen. Ours is all handbuilt original 60s! Cute but impractical. The cupboards don't fit a normal dinner plate, they are tiny. And we don't have an extractor! Must keep saving. #pocolo

    • 14 July 2017 / 18:49

      Thanks for stopping by. I took some of my cupboard doors off, wish I had save them so I can pop them back 🙂

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