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A Tribute To Judy H-J’s Thoughts – A Twinless Twin

A Tribute To Judy H-J’s Thoughts – A Twinless Twin : Creative Mondays Blog Hop…

On Friday I received an email from a mutual blogging friend of mine and Judy’s asking me how she had died?. .

I knew she was poorly but never guessed she was that bad πŸ™

I could not believe what I was reading and with tears falling down my face I rushed to all her social network sites to read what had happened. By the posts on her facebook wall I gather she died on New Years day peacefully in her sleep.

She had been unwell for some time now and was trying to get better so she could get to the doctors but had a bad turn on Christmas day. We had emailed each other the day before she died, where I told her not to worry about blogging and get herself strong and well again. She always loved taking part in the blog hops and said how she could not wait to join in the hops again.

I started my blog nearly 3 years ago around the same time Judy started hers. We met through a blog hop and from that moment we became good blogging friends.

She has stopped by regularly and when I started the Creative Mondays blog hop (was Creative Thursday then) I knew straight away who I wanted to co host with me.

Judy loved blog hops so much and was thrilled when I asked her to co host Wordless Wednesday too.

We visited each others blog, and commented on nearly every single post we published. Judy always left a lovely comment. We both enjoyed stopping by each others blog, I enjoyed stopping by hers and seeing what  photos she had been taking, especially the ones of the warm Jamaican weather, it made me look forward to summer, when we were still having to wrap up warm!!. She mostly shared posts about the special times she shared with her identical twin.

On October 16, 2008 her twin sister Janine died. Since then she have been writing a lot about being twinless and the many hobbies that the twins shared. At times her blog was very sad and hard to read as I felt so sorry for her having lost her identical sister, father and brother. She started her blog and found it to be therapeutic.

We sent messages to each other on our blogs daily and emailed each other weekly and she was my modern day pen friend who I will miss dearly.

I was so glad to have told her at Christmas “If there is a award for my favourite blogger, (I will look ha) you get it Judy :)”

And she replied back

“Thanks a lot for your kind comments Claire! I have found a wonderful friend through blogging! I am always happy to visit your blogs, comment on your great posts and co-host the hops with you”

Judy helped co host Creative Mondays from the start, shared ideas and visited lots of blogs to make it the amazing hop it is today, (128 wonderful post on the hop the week before Christmas) and I know she was so proud of this.. My thoughts are with her family now, her mum and her brother..

I am so glad to have met Judy through blogging and hope she is now back with her twin sister Janine …

This list has now closed.

Thank you for stopping by…

32 thoughts on “A Tribute To Judy H-J’s Thoughts – A Twinless Twin

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Judy, Claire. She was a lovely lady and friend ~ my condolences to her family and friends xo {Linda – With A Blast, now also Creative And Delicious}

  2. Hi Claire, I am so shocked to hear about Judy. I met here a few months ago and feel so sad even though I never met her. She was so sweet and nice and always left such nice comments on my blog when she would visit. I kept going to her blog but never saw any updates on it since Christmas but thought that she was just busy. I am glad I found out through you and I will say prayers for her family. She will really be missed by me. Julie

  3. Hi Claire, thanks so much for the different follows and I'm following you back in all the same ways. My thoughts and prayers are with you too. Take care and thanks for hosting too. Julie

  4. Oh this is just awful, Claire. What a lovely blogging legacy she has left behind. My love to her family, and to you. Losing a friend is beyond tough πŸ™

  5. So so sorry, Claire…..what a post.Love, prayers and hugs across the Atlantic, friend….xoxoxoThank for for hosting.

  6. Oh Claire. I didn't know Judy well but she was very kind to me when I started blogging. I'm very sorry you lost your friend, I knew you were close. My prayers to her family.

  7. Claire – I can hardly believe what I'm readingI had to read the 1st line 3 times….I'm all in tears now. I'll be back later on to read it allI think I will skip the party this time

  8. Oh Claire that is so very sad & my thoughts are with you & Judys family! Sending you all love & sympathy! This blog hop is a great tribute to her & she will love it I'm sure! Big Hugs! Ax

  9. Oh no!!!!! I am speechless and so very sad. She was the sweetest. kindest blogger I have ever met. What a wonderful tribute to sweet Judy. She is with her sister now…

  10. I am so shocked to read this post. I did not know Judy like you did, but I could tell from her comments that she was a sweet lady. When I visited flower and bird park in Japan, I saw a huge collection of the bird figurines and I thought how Judy would be thrilled to see them. This is just so sad.

  11. Man Claire, you know I wondered where she was but just thought I had miss some info about her being somewhere over the holiday. No way was I expecting to hear that she passed away. Blogging doesn't provide us with 'the why' as to why someone doesn't issue more posts. I have a fashion blogger that just suddenly stopped in August. Now this gets me wondering about her. You were right to post this and inform blog-land. My gracious, my gracious. Rest her precious soul, rest her precious soul.

  12. Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear this! I didn't know her well, but I have been by her blog a few times. That is such sad news.

  13. Claire: I am so sorry to learn that Judy has passed. My condolences to those whom loved her. It is always sad to lose a sweet, wonderful person. I did not get to interact with her but have visited her blog in the past. This is so sad. Sharon

  14. Claire, Oh so sorry to hear of Judy passing. What a wonderful tribute.Wanted to pass along that I have shared a post in your linky party. Thank you for hosting! I have also followed your blog. Feel free to visit me. Thanks again.

  15. So sorry to read this about Judy. I 'met' her through your blog. It sounds like you have lost a wonderful friend there. x

  16. I'm sadden to hear that Judy passed away. I sent her some bracelets I made about 2 months ago. Tears are falling down my face too. She always stop by and gave everyone sweet comments. She will be missed.

  17. I'm so sad to hear about this; I loved blog-hopping with Judy as well. I'm glad she is reunited with her sister.

  18. I was so sad and shocked to read of Judy's passing. She always left the kindest comments on my blog and linked up with my Try a New Recipe Tuesday. In fact, I dedicated this week's hop in her honor. If you'd like to see it. Thanks for still hosting! πŸ™‚

  19. I was so sad and shocked to read of Judy's passing. She always left the kindest comments on my blog and linked up with my Try a New Recipe Tuesday. In fact, I dedicated this week's hop in her honor. If you'd like to see it. Thanks for still hosting! πŸ™‚

    1. Omg Claire I didn't know she was that ill i checked her blogging daily wondering why there were no posts. I am so sorry to hear about her death she was a wonderful lady she encouraged me and visited my blog all the time. Though I am finding out late I am deeply saddened.

  20. Such a beautiful post to write about her. I to miss her comments, and sometimes I pop over to her blog just to see that last post she wrote.

    1. Alissa, I miss her and when I see her picture on the follow buttons on peoples blog it makes jump, then me all sad again πŸ™

  21. Thanks Claire for giving me the link to this article. I can't stop crying. I really connected with Judy because of losing my mom and father-in-law last year. She left me comments to encourage me in my losses. I knew she understood where I was coming from and I felt a little of what she had gone through. I just can't believe it…….Yes, she could reach out through blogging and touched others….I was one of those blessed to be inspired by her. She will be sorely missed……

    1. Mary, I am sorry, πŸ™ she was a very very caring friend ,,,I know how I felt when I heard πŸ™

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