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adidas Boosts, London Marathon Training, Run Streak And British Heart Foundation…

I along with my husband and one of my sons who are also runners have been following the lead up to the launch of the new adidas boost trainer. I

t was only last week my husband brought home a Metro paper with the boost on the back page and said to me this is what you need for your London Marathon race.

A few day ago my son who is a big fan of all things running told me that adidas was giving away 15 pairs of the new trainer away and they have not even hit the shops yet. Being a runner I excitedly tweeted why I should win a pair of the trainers.

@ adidasUK I need #boost to help me get through my first London Marathon. #allin
Just getting the children ready for the cinema I had received a tweet saying I had won a pair. Jumping for joy, I was really looking forward to them being delivered…

They are so light and comfortable I can’t wait to wear them for my marathon!!

This weeks training-

Tuesday 9 miles running in total with warm up/ club reps/cool down

Wednesday 3 miles recovery run

Thursday 5.5 miles run ( only half of club session ) was so tired

Friday 3 miles recovery

Saturday 1 miles

Sunday 4.5 miles running

4 miles run

8.5 miles run

Monday 3 mile run to gym and back

1 hour body fit class

Resting up today for tonight’s big club session around 9 ish miles I’m guessing …


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