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If you are interested in working with me here or on my other blog Claire Justine and reaching out to my lovely readers I would love to chat. If you have any thoughts or fun collabrations we could work together on, please get in touch: by Email :

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Happy to review here at Clairejustine or fashionable and fitness at my lifestyle blog over at Clairejustineoxox .

  • I will only review things that are suitable with the theme of my blog.
  • I love to join in fun challenges or drop me an email to see if we could work together?
  • I am always happy to be contacted about your productto see if it will fit with my blog and reader.
  • All reviews will be truthful, I will put everything I think about the product down from the best about it to things I don’t like, also I like to take pictures of the products and could add pictures or information on the product if you wish me to add some.
  • If I’ve brought the produced I am reviewing I will clearly say so, like wise if I’ve been sent it to review. 
  • I will mention if I have been gifted it free of charged to review.
  • I will also share my post to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook like page.
  • I am based in the UK but open to the idea of reviews worldwide.
  • I blog in my own time so if you would like me to review something I try and get it out as soon as possible but can not promise 🙂
  • I don’t charge for my reviews as this is not a business, but I do spend lots of time trying the product, taking pictures and writing the review so I think it’s fair to keep the product in exchange for the review right?
  • I will clearly mark any paid post as Sponsored post.
  • I only add a no follow link when working with brands to stick to Google Guidelines.

I display some adverts on my blog. This means if you click on any ad I may earn some commission from them. Any post marked collaboration with, sponsored post, or this is a collaborated post means that I have accepted payment to feature this brand or products. I will always give my honest opinion.

All posts marked courtesy of or featured post have not been sponsored or paid for. I simple wanted to feature the brand/recipe/product on my blog.