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Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix Review

Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix Review.

Did you know Angel Delight now made Ice Cream mix?

Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix Review

Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix Review:

Well it has not hit the shops yet but they have just launched it on Facebook .

They have been giving thousands of free samples out and encouraging people to suggest recipe ideas with a chance for the winner to win a Ice cream van for the day.

Looks like they have ran out for the minute but keep checking back to see if they reopen the giveaway and competition.

Just in case they do here is my entry:

Just got to try the Vanilla Ice cream mix.

Simply pour 150ml of chilled fresh milk into a bowl and add the Angel Delight ice cream mix.

Use an electric whisk for approx. 5 minutes until the mixture has doubled in volume.

Then if you want to you can add your favourite extras.pour into a suitable freezer box and freeze for a minimum of 4 hours.

Contains Natural colours and flavours.

We made:

 Toffolate Delight:

Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix Review

What You Need:

1 packet of Angel Delight Ice cream mix

150 ml chilled fresh milk

1 small packet of chocolate big button

Toffee sauce

Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix Review


1.) Whisk the milk and the ice cream mix until it has doubled in size.

2.) Add a 3rd of the mixture into a freezable container.

3.) Sprinkle a 3rd of the chocolate buttons in and squeeze some toffee sauce over.

4.) Repeat twice more with the mixture and the extras.

5.) Freeze for a minimum of 4 hours.

Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix Review

Then wait a few minutes serve and enjoy.

We also made: 

Over The Rainbow Delight:

What you Need:

1 packet of Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix

150 ml cold fresh milk

Jelly babies (as many or as little as you like)

Cut into 4

Squeezable jam

before freezing


1.) Whisk the milk and ice cream mix until it has doubled in size.

2.) Add half the mix to a freezable container.

3.) Sprinkle jelly baby’s that have been cut into 4 Pieces all over and squeeze some jam over.

4.) Add the last half of the mixture over and arrange the jelly babies into a rainbow pattern.

5.) Freeze for a minimum of 4 hours.

before freezing

Serve and enjoy.

We all love the taste and enjoyed making our very own ice cream.Already thinking of new ideas on what to put into our next one can’t wait for it to hit the shops. All 6 of us liked the toffolate one the best.

Some great things to add in EXTRA ..


Peanut butter




Toffee sauce

fresh fruit


chocolate chips

chocolate sauce


What else can you think of?

I have always been a fan of Angel Delight whipped deserts as I remember have them as a kid my favourite was Strawberry. I was very pleased to be able to try the new Ice cream mix,being very into ice cream at our house this is a great idea for making your own added ingredients into some great flavours.
If its successful it will hit the shops in 2012 so follow them on Facebook and keep you eyes peeled for a free sample to try.

They are also on Twitter letting you know where they are giving out free samples

Angel delight sent me this free to try and review for my honest opinion.

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    Hi Clairejustine, This looks so-o-o good. My family and I have been enjoying home-made chocolate ice-cream that I made over the weekend as continued birthday celebrations for my mom. Ice-cream sure helps to cool us down in the heat on our tropical island. Thanks again for participating in the Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop. Take care. Judy

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