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Autumn Walks And Pine Cones : Photo Blog Hop…

I love to see pine cones in the woods.

We notice them on the ground when out walking.

Mostly when you stand on them and they make you jump, thinking ‘oh my what have I just stood on!?!’ 

When I was out walking Mollie the other day I found some growing on the trees.

They remind me of  having fun with the kids at Christmas. Every year me and the children like to decorate the ones we find on the floor. Paints some, glitter others and last year we made some cool little Reindeers.

Got some photos to share?

Outfit post?

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57 thoughts on “Autumn Walks And Pine Cones : Photo Blog Hop…

  1. I love pine cones and did make tiny ornaments out of them by stringing beads. Love the photos. Is it really fall?

  2. Those are gorgeous photos of pine cones. So sharp and clear. My daughter loved to find pine cones when she was a preschooler. She is now 21, and I think she still loves them!

  3. I feel your nostalgia too! Pine cones are so closely connected in my mind with cosy evenings by the fire at my Grandparents' house where we would put them on the fire- they would smell lovely and we would collect them during the day. Even now, I think of them!x

  4. Wow! Such beautiful captures! Seriously, you have talent. I hope I can learn to take photos as stunning as these some day.

  5. Great pictures to bring the comfort that goes with the start of fall. I miss the pine cones from the mountains where I grew up.Sarah

  6. I miss pine trees. I grew up with them in our yard. But we don't very many around here. By the way, I am so amused at how many different looks your blog has had. I love all the changes, but can't imagine how you're able to do it so easily, so well and so frequently! It takes me so much effort to make changes to mine! Guess you change your blog like you change your wardrobe! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

    1. Hehe thank you Mary πŸ™‚ I spend a lot of time here and get a little bored!! Husband said this is my last change as he has to pay for my changes πŸ™‚

  7. There's nothing as relaxing & beautiful as nature itself. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed it helps to just go out on a walk & see everything the world has to offer. The trees, the leaves, the little critters crawling around. :] // β–² β–²

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