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Back Out Running: Week Three: Keep On Running

Back Out Running: Week Three: Keep On Running.

Back Out Running: Week Three: Keep On Running
The Goal:

To fit into this beautiful red dress again without looking like a sack of potatoes all squashed together.

Believe me, you do not want to see a photo of me trying to squeeze into this dress at the minute and all out of breath and stressed when Iā€™m in it!! Ha, ha!

Back Out Running: Week Three: Keep On Running:

Happy Sunday. A later post today as I have been at work all day.

Week three already and almost loving being back on three run! I set up a runstreak challenge to run everyday for two weeks and completed it.

I was going to carry on running everyday but now I am into a good routine I think I will have a few days off as I do not want to get injured.

I have had a bit of a roller coaster of a few week with stomach cramps. I know the running everyday would not have cause this but something did. I gave up milk as I thought it was causing the pain. I thought about giving up running and then I clicked on what it could be.

I have gained a few stone over the last year and a half since I last ran regular and also gained two dress sizes but I was still wearing my size 10 leggings for running. So I think the leggings were causing my pain. it is a shame it took me 2 weeks to realised as I have tried everything else. Touch wood it is this and nothing else.


3 miles ran around the woods with Mollie. Love our morning runs. Essentially when we get to see the sun rise over the park. Breathtaking!!


Going for another 3 miles as we love our running so much.


Really bad stomach cramps last night so we did our 3 mile loop but I walked/jogged it to rest my stomach.


3 miles walk and jog again.


Day off to rest.


3 mile run with Mollie.


Rest day as I need to organise my time better being at work again. Did do a little jog on the way home from work though but not enough to count.

Now over to you.

Have you been out for a run this week or to a fitness class?

Back Out Running: Week Three: Keep On Running

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10 responses to “Back Out Running: Week Three: Keep On Running”

  1. I can so relate to your posts! I am running too. I just worked my way back up to the full three miles but I do it every other day. I do yoga and strength training on the alternate days. The yoga is such a good balance for me with running. I have been running for 12 years, I started in my late 40s. A couple of years ago I got injured in a 5K and it set me back a while so I could only do a couple of miles at a time. I am back in full swing now! Keep up the good work!

    • You are doing great Cheryl. I love running but can soon get out of it and then when I gain some weight I find it hard to run again. I need to start doing yoga as I can imagine it being great for my running šŸ™‚

  2. Well done you!! I had two 3 mile runs and a 7 mile run with 25mph winds!

  3. It’s great to hear that you are running again! I’ve just started training for my first marathon, but have never stopped running basically since I was 20 (apart from pregnancies). I was already in a good routine of a parkrun, two four mile runs and an eight mile run every week. This week I’m stepping up to five runs a week and I think I will be doing 30 miles in total.
    And I can relate to the leggings digging in! I haven’t put weight on, but I have days when I’m a bit bloated and I can really feel them when I first put them on. Hope that’s your only problem and your stomach feels more comfortable soon.

    • Thanks Sarah. I can not believe I was hurting myself from wearing too tighter leggings. I have been running in joggers this week and felt a lot better ( apart from being hard to run in). I am going shopping this weekend for some new leggings. Good luck on the marathon. I really wish to be fit to run another on again one day šŸ™‚

  4. Ruth says:

    Well done on getting back out running again.

  5. Well done you – and you look cracking in that red dress. I’m sure you’ll be wearing it again in no time. I struggle to run due to a heel injury from my teenage years. I’ve been enjoying slow walks taking in the fresh air each day. The woods can be very therapeutic. Hopefully I can get to a slow jog again this year xx Maria

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