Baker Days Valentines Day Cake Review…

Last week I received this lovely Valentine cake from Baker Days .

I was asked if I would like to try out their service and have one of there personalised cakes delivered. If you read my blog you will know I’m a big cake fan so I was really looking forward to trying out a cake from them.

A cake delivered by mail, seems strange at first. Would it break up? Would it be fresh etc. I need not have worried as it arrived a few days later personalised and fresh, and in one piece!!

As you can see from the picture it arrived perfectly, the drop through the letterbox did not disturb the cake one little bit. Packaged inside a lovely tin to keep it safe ,the tin was posted in a cardboard box so plenty of padding to keep it from breaking. Also in the box was a little card and some love heart sweets, little touches like this make it all the more special.

This Letterbox Gift Cake is £14.99 for 4-5 portions and comes with a sponge cake filling also they do a Small Party Cake £26.99, (8-12 portions) Just right for a small party  and a Large Party Cake £45.00, (50-60 portions) .

You can also add different filling for an additional option if you like such as Carrot Cake, Fruit Cake, Gluten and Wheat Free Cake and Double Chocolate Chip Cake extras cost from £1.20 to £2-00 for letterbox cake £2-20 -£3-20 for the small and £5-00 -£7-00 for the large party cake also for the small and large party cake you can choose fruit cake fillings.

Once you have picked your cake size and filling you can change your message at the bottom of the page by pressing the ‘Personalise cake’ button ‘ to change these words.

About Baker Days in their own words:
It’s taken nearly a year to get this baby flying, and finally we are in the air, so to speak. Every business starts with a premise or a vision, ours was two fold.

Firstly, to show the world you didn’t need to spend a fortune to have a totally unique party cake. Secondly, wouldn’t it be great to have a cake small enough for 1 or 2 people but with all the pizzazz of a larger party cake one that you could even post through a letterbox.

The world of baking has just caught up with the world of computers. A masterpiece of a cake that’s completely unique and personalised by you and won’t cost the earth. Also new is our “letterbox cake” (r) , the world smallest personalised cake in a tin , It’s the perfect gift for friends near and far. Petite, personalised and postable .

The team have a wealth of experience, Ben is a third generation family master baker, Andrea whose organisational and computer experience knits the whole business together and Alan whose business and design experience go back some years.

Personalised Cakes:
Letterbox Gift Cakes… Party cakes and Cup Cakes . 400 designs that taste as good as they look, it’s easy and fun to find just the right cake. Personalise with your special message and photo, and order by 1pm and we can safely deliver next day ( next day will cost more).

If you want a specially designed cake , we can design it from scratch ,
If takes less than one hour its free, If its more then we charge our designers time at 25.00 per hour..

What I think of Bakerdays:
I think this is a wonderful website looking for a special gift that is a little bit different. They have  personalised cakes for every given occasion, and even if you don’t have an occasion on their endless list you can make your own message with their designer team. Usually I find plain sponge cakes a little boring but not this one, it tasted wonderfully yummy. Inside the cake the sponge was light and it had a lovely sweet vanilla butter cream on the bottom. It also comes in this sweet keep safe tin,that keeps it fresh for longer.

 I think the cakes are priced reasonably when you take into account they offer free delivery (which cost them £2-36  just for the postage, and that is not counting the tin and packaging) the personalised cake itself is a wonderful surprise to receive from a love one or friend. What a lovely surprise it would be opening a personalised letterbox cake.

I would be very happy in receiving another one as a gift!!

Hint hint husband!!

Maybe on to eat myself next time instead of sharing Mwahhh….

About this post – I received a Bakerday’s cake for the purpose of this review and was not paid for the post. All thoughts on the cake I received are my own honest option…

Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. Kristin Dawn
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    31 January 2013 / 23:17

    Very beautiful and very cute cake!

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    31 January 2013 / 17:27

    That cake looks so delicious

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  8. Judy Haughton-James
    31 January 2013 / 15:24

    This cake looks great and I am sure it is so yummy!

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